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Campus will observe Constitution Week

Constitution Week to be observed on campus

Want to start a club on campus?

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release)–Want to start a new club on campus? Are you an officer of a registered club? Attend this orientation/registration to learn more about campus policies. To learn more, visit:

WHEN: Thursday, September 8, 5pm – 6pm

WHERE: Library CPU Room, Building 70, Room 103


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WOW showcases clubs and special programs

Tables and booths covered mainquad during Week of Welcome

By Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- As part of Grossmont College’s WOW–Week of Welcome–many clubs and programs were recently on display to enable incoming students to get a little taste of life on campus beyond the classroom.

Such programs as the International Club, the Visual Arts and Humanities program, and the Associated Students of Grossmont College were among the organizations that took their messages to tables and booths at the Main Quad and other campus locations.

The International Club  “is for both American students and International students,” said International Club adviser Barbara Clark. “About 30 or so different nationalities are represented in the club.”

“We have barbeques and bus trips as well as game nights and sports day,” Clark explained. “The club tries to do a number of activities on and off the campus to provide an opportunity for the American and International students to meet each other and get to know each other.”

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Grossmont International Club tells events

International Club events, Fall 2011

Artist poses with ‘Me’ — er, with himself

'Me' by Victor Zepeda

By Alexis Tittle

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The Hyde Art Gallery was busy and full of Grossmont students, teachers, parents, and art enthusiast all enjoying the 300 + pieces on display. The night also included complementary pizza and cookies with coffee and soda to drink. The occasion: The awards ceremony May 17 honoring winners of the Student Art Exhibition.

Twenty-nine awards were given in seven different categories such as best of show, award of merit, art and design club, digital, art history, ceramics and photography. The honor of best of show and winner of $200 was awarded to Marie Ritz for her photo piece,” Grandma’s Pin”.   Ben Aubert, the gallery’s curator,   said he was mesmerized by its unique scale and felt the win was well deserved.

I was drawn to a piece by Victor Zepeda.

His self-portrait, appropriately titled “Me,” won the Art and Design Club award.  Although the piece is a self-portrait, Zepeda said his brother was the primary inspiration. The piece was selling for $75 of which Victor stated “ Its kind of high because I want to keep it.”  Then his brother Tony Zepeda interjected, “I’ll buy it from you.”Victor also said the drawing is not meant to be serious;  it’s meant to be funny.

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Arabic Club hosts end-of-semester food and fun

Dr. Sonia Ghattas-Soliman (right), Grossmont instructor of Arabic, Arabic club advisor and Arabic, French and Italian Coordinator, serves Arabic food to event-goers.

Story and photo by Russ Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The Arabic Club hosted an event focused on food, fun and education, in the main quad, May 18.

Of the event, Deana Hourani, the club’s chef and marketer–and one of the coordinators of the event–said the following: “Every semester the Arabic club of Grossmont College organizes and plans an event to increase student knowledge about Arab and Middle Eastern culture. This semester we decided to bring food from a couple Arab countries.

“We had a table for Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon. Every table incorporated certain food from that country. We also had Arabic music and an educational game show that asked students to answer questions about Arabic culture, ranging from geography, to history, to famous cities.

“The Arabic Club continues to be a bridge between the Arab culture and Western culture. The overall goal is to educate the non-Arab students about Arab culture and traditions. We feel this is an enriching experience for all people.”

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Christian students meet for lesson on campus

Christian students join for fellowship on campus

By Russ Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Several Christian students gathered under a tree near the 500 Buildings on Thursday, May, 12 for informal religious study. Their discussion focused on a lesson that equated Jesus Christ to a gardener, faith to a seed and personal priorities to dirt, the idea seeming to be that Jesus sets a foundation for a person’s faith but that, by good priorities or lack thereof, the person will optimize or squander the seed of faith.

To attract people to the meeting, organizers approached students asking whether they would like to participate in a lesson about Christian ideas.

Glenn Cruz, the informal leader of the event, encouraged participants to read passages from the Christian Bible and then discuss the passages.

Among the questions raised for discussion was, “What are some ways that the world around us can cause problems for our [priorities]?”   One woman responded that her “family members might appeal to [her] sentimentality” as an excuse for being a bad influence on her.  She gave a hypothetical example of if her sister were to invite her to a bar for a drink, cajoling : “C’mon, I’m your sister.  Come drink with me!”


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