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Transfer center offers…well, transfer options!

Mary Rider at Transfer Center (Photo: Christina Torres)

By Christina Torres

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—When it comes time to transfer, where will students go? That is a question that Grossmont officials recommend that students ask themselves long before they are ready to transfer.  The  Transfer Center on campus was established to help in this process.

According to Mary Rider, university transfer coordinator at Grossmont, the Transfer Center has racks filled with specialized information for transfer questions.  If a student is uncertain about  the process to follow, center staff  can provide information that would be hard to get at a 30-minute meeting with the Counseling office.

For the current semester,  many students were denied entrance to SDSU because they had problems in their supplementary application process.  Rider said 90% of Grossmont students didn’t attend an application workshop sponsored by the Transfer Center at which such problems could have been anticipated and resolved.

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Grossmont book celebrates 50 years

By Christina Torres 

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Back in 1961, Grossmont College was brand new.  This year, 2011, our college celebrates its 50th year!  Administrators released a book, Grossmont College: Celebrating 50 Years, chronicling the past 50 years at Grossmont College.  Coordinating the process was Rick Griffin, Grossmont’s director of College and Community Relations.

The book is chronological, starting with September 11, 1961, when Grossmont first opened with a student enrollment of 1,538.  In 1966, while campaigning to become California’s governor, Ronald Reagan, visited the campus — 14 years before he was elected president of the United States.

In 1970, the college’s enrollment had risen to 8,100, and, because of the higher enrollment, administrators considered opening a second campus, which became Cuyamaca College.

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Cuyamaca hosts job fair

Job Fair at Cuyamaca College (Photo: Lily Prado, San Diego Memories)

By Christina Torres

CUYAMACA COLLEGE — Local jobs are available no matter what bad news you have heard about the economy.

That was evident on Friday, August 26, at a job fair held  at the Student Learning Center here.

Among a room full of potential employers were a variety of private companies and public agencies including the Border Patrol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, H & R Block, KFMB Television,  Pre-Paid Legal Services, and Sea World

Some exhibitors tried harder than others to attract attendees to their tables.  For example, H&R Block recruiters were all dressed in green, the table-cloth was green, and so were two table lamps.   Sea World relied on big signs featuring a jumping Shamu, and lured potential applicants with candy and small toys.  Border Patrol had two physically fit–okay, “macho” — agents serving as recruiters.

Students who were unable to attend the fair need not overly concern themselves.  Most of the exhibitors directed potential applicants to their websites to learn more.

Torres is a student in Media Comm 132; contact her at