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Chairman of Assembly Higher Education Committee to hold news conference on campus

By Kellen Brauer

Marty Block
Marty Block

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- Marty Block, chairman of the Assembly committee on higher education, will be participating in a campus news conference at 11 a.m. Tuesday ,  Sept. 27,.

“A  panel of questioners will include Russ Lindquist, editor of the GC Summit; Marc Arizmendez, news director of Griffin Radio; and Sue Gonda, the president of the Academic Senate,” said the organizer,  Journalism Instructor Donald H. Harrison.  “He will be welcomed to the campus by both the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Chancellor Cindy Miles and Grossmont President Sunita Cooke.”

The first half hour of Block’s presentation will be questions from the panel while the second half will open up questioning to the floor.

Block, a Democrat representing San Diego, chairs the committee in the Assembly to which all legislation concerning colleges and universities is initially referred.  Before his election to the Legislature, he served for eight years as the chairman of the San Diego City College Board.   Prior to that he was a member of the San Diego County Board of Education.

“I will be asking questions that either I came up with or that the Jounalism class (MCOM 132) crafted together and decided,” said Lindquist. “I figure that I will get a whole lot of information from him that is useful for me but also useful for our readers.”

“I am going to be asking basic general questions,” said Arizmendez. “Hopefully I am going to get together with Russ and Mr. Harrison and come up with some good hard hitting questions.”

“I am looking forward to it [the conference] because the economy is shaky in general, so I look forward to getting some real practical advice from this legislator for the sake of making the right choices upcoming as I move onto a University,” said Lindquist.

Gonda was not immediately available for comment.

Arizmendez said the press conference will be a good way to present Grossmont College’s problems to Block, whose role is key to higher education in the state.

“Hopefully we get the answers that people want to hear,” said Arizmendez.

Brauer is a student in Media Comm 132.  He may be contacted at

National College Radio Day comes Oct. 11

By Nicolle Fedor

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –National College Radio Day will take place on campuses across North America on Tuesday, Oct. 11, in what organizer Rob Quicke says is an effort to “save and celebrate this valuable medium.”

The purpose of College Radio Day is to encourage those who have a passion for radio to “come together” and support the voice of the student, Quicke said. He explained that in response to the recession this past year, a number of FM radio stations at the national college level have been sold in an effort to raise funds.

Removing radio eliminates a huge platform for students to develop their skills and ultimately silences their creativity, Quicke said.

Within four weeks after Quicke announced the initiative on June 6, over 100 radio stations and the alternative rock band Coldplay have registered for this event, bringing the total to over 200 college and high school A.M. ,F.M. and On-Line stations, including Grossmont College’s Griffin Radio,

The radio stations will promote increased listenership and awareness in a special live broadcast feed between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Oct. 11, that will be heard in the Main Quad.

Here is the official College Radio Day promotional advertisement:  CollegeRadioDay-RockFormats!

Fedor is a student in Grossmont College’s media communications department

Mahan journeyed from beat maker to rapper

By Nicolle Fedor

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Ryan Anthony Mahan graduated in audio production from Grossmont in the spring of 2011.  Since then, Mahan has released over 20 track features, a few music videos and finally, his first solo album, Rockin’ In My Moccasins.

At first Mahan was exclusively a beat maker, but then contributed vocals on one artist’a tracks–that sparked the encouragement for the typically shy Mahan to join the rap game.

While infiltrating social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and steadily performing at local venues such as Deco’s and Belo, Ryan Anthony is quickly becoming a common name among college students and the music industry.

Coupled with technical knowledge and his deep interest in music, Mahan’s creative audio expressions are top quality in recording and production.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur keeps himself busy as he has also commits himself full-time to the continued pursuit of his musical career in Los Angeles.  Hollywood better keep an eye out, Ryan Anthony is a young, educated and ambitious new artist.

You can find Ryan Anthony’s CD in various local retail shops. And for more information, contact him on twitter @RyanAnth0ny or via Facebook at /ThisARyanAnthonyBeat.

Fedor is a student in MediaComm 199; contact her at

Griffin radio hosts St. Patrick’s day fun

Video by Taylor Harris and Earnest Carter

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Griffin Radio hosted a St. Patrick’s Day event that included a bake sale, games and prizes in order to raise funds for the Media Communications department.  Nicolle Fedor of the radio staff explained what it was all about during an on-scene video interview.


Harris and Carter are students in MCOMM 132; email them respectively at and

Griffin Radio staff members mingle with San Diego Chargers and their cheerleaders

By Kymberrly Scott

SAN DIEGO — A team of 13 students from Griffin Radio, Grossmont’s  internet broadcast radio station, had the opportunity to participate in the San Diego Chargers annual blood drive On Tuesday, Nov. 30.

 They mingled with many of generous blood donors, representatives from other local media stations, and of course, many of the San Diego Chargers.

Sports Director, Andrew Vasquez, along with his co-host, Chris Norris, of Trash Talk Wednesdays, were able to meet about nine different players and two of the San Diego Charger Cheerleaders. Among the players were Eric Weddle, Jacques Cesiare, Larry English, Luis Castillo, Marcus McNeill, Kris Dielman, Nick Hardwick, Brandon Siler and Steven Gregory.

Arianna Nevins, of the Beautiful People Show and fellow DJ, Stacy Haynes, also had the chance to interview Nick Hardwick and shed a little light on his relationship status for all of the female fans.

It was a great opportunity for Griffin Radio students to share a little information with the public about Grossmont College and the student-run radio station. It also provided students an example of the kind of events they can expect to participate in should they decide to pursue a career in the media industry.

Scott is program director of Griffin Radio

Griffin Radio will participate in Chargers Blood Drive for 13th consecutive year

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release) — Staff members of Griffin Radio, the student-operated, on-campus radio station, will attend and man their own exhibit booth at the San Diego Blood Bank’s Chargers Blood Drive XXXII, to be held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 30, at the Town and Country Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Mission Valley. It will be Griffin Radio’s 13th consecutive year to appear at the Chargers Blood Drive.

The Chargers Blood Drive is one of the community’s longest running and most successful life-saving events of the year. Blood donors at the Chargers Blood Drive will be awarded a voucher that may be redeemed for a T-shirt, as well as a VIP wristband for the autograph line. Donors also will have the opportunity to purchase an entry to win a 2011 Honda CRV or Honda Insight Hybrid, donated by the Honda Dealers of San Diego County, which will be given away at the Chargers Blood Drive on the 30th. Participants who do not plan to donate blood, but would still like to meet the Chargers and enjoy the festivities at the Town and Country will be charged a $5 entry fee ($1 for children). Blood donors will be refunded the admission price after they donate. Donors will be treated to a variety of food, entertainment and other goodies at the blood drive. There is also free parking for donors. For more information, visit

Griffin Radio is a practical applications laboratory class at Grossmont College for students to learn about on- and off-air radio and audio production techniques. Students learn first hand what it takes to manage, produce and operate at a radio station. Students with Griffin radio over the years have won multiple production awards from the Broadcast Education Association, a national professional association for professors, industry professionals and graduate students who are interested in teaching and research-related to the electronic media and multi-media enterprises. Griffin Radio can be heard on the World Wide Web at

Preceding provided by Grossmont College’s public information office

Grossmont College recovering from state fiscal crisis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–While other public colleges and universities in California continue to be hard hit by the state’s fiscal crisis, Grossmont College is beginning to build class offerings to previous levels.   Griffin Radio Reporter Chris Norris’ story may be heard by clicking the following link: chris-norris-fiscal grossmont.mp3