Mexican students rehearse for Cinco de Mayo

Students from Escuela Normal De Atlacomulco rehearse for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. (Photo: Adriana Monroy Rodríguez)

By Russell Lindquist

Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Virginia Berger, one of Grossmont’s instructors of English as a Second Language (ESL), has helped Grossmont to coordinate dozens of exchange students from Mexico’s Northwestern city of Atlacomulco for a three-month English-immersion program, here in San Diego, the conclusion of which will graduate the students as instructors of ESL in their native country.

“[This exchange program] has been taking place since 2001. The students who will perform are going to become ESL Teachers in México, in middle schools,” said Professor Adriana Monroy Rodríguez. She and Professor Elizabeth Martinez are instructors of ESL in Mexico; both are also academic assistants to the Vice President of Escuela Normal De Atlacomulco, from which the students hail as well.

The exchange students rehearsed under the direction of Professors Martinez and Rodríguez for tomorrow’s folk dancing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.


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  1. […] The dancers also happen to be foreign exchange students learning English at Grossmont as part of training to be ESL instructors in their native Mexico (more information in this Summit article). […]


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