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In ‘Umoja’ — unity — is increased success in reaching academic goals

By Nicolle Fedor

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The “Umoja” program on campus since 2006 has been reaching out to African and African-American students–and their friends from all other ethnic groups — to build a sense of community and connection to Grossmont College.

Funded by Grossmont College, “Umoja” — meaning “unity” in Swahili — is directed at helping community college students successfully transfer to four-year institutions to complete their studies, according to student ambassadors Cynthia Nelson and Katrina Piliaris.

The students said the free program was created to ““instill in our students the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to make positive differences in their lives and the lives of others.”

Counselor James Canady and DSPS Instructor Patrice Braswell-Burris are advisers to Umoja.

Here is an excerpt of  a brief  audio interview with Nelson and Piliaris: Umoja-Fedor

Fedor is a student in the Media Communications Department.  She may be contacted at

National College Radio Day comes Oct. 11

By Nicolle Fedor

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –National College Radio Day will take place on campuses across North America on Tuesday, Oct. 11, in what organizer Rob Quicke says is an effort to “save and celebrate this valuable medium.”

The purpose of College Radio Day is to encourage those who have a passion for radio to “come together” and support the voice of the student, Quicke said. He explained that in response to the recession this past year, a number of FM radio stations at the national college level have been sold in an effort to raise funds.

Removing radio eliminates a huge platform for students to develop their skills and ultimately silences their creativity, Quicke said.

Within four weeks after Quicke announced the initiative on June 6, over 100 radio stations and the alternative rock band Coldplay have registered for this event, bringing the total to over 200 college and high school A.M. ,F.M. and On-Line stations, including Grossmont College’s Griffin Radio,

The radio stations will promote increased listenership and awareness in a special live broadcast feed between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Oct. 11, that will be heard in the Main Quad.

Here is the official College Radio Day promotional advertisement:  CollegeRadioDay-RockFormats!

Fedor is a student in Grossmont College’s media communications department

Mahan journeyed from beat maker to rapper

By Nicolle Fedor

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Ryan Anthony Mahan graduated in audio production from Grossmont in the spring of 2011.  Since then, Mahan has released over 20 track features, a few music videos and finally, his first solo album, Rockin’ In My Moccasins.

At first Mahan was exclusively a beat maker, but then contributed vocals on one artist’a tracks–that sparked the encouragement for the typically shy Mahan to join the rap game.

While infiltrating social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and steadily performing at local venues such as Deco’s and Belo, Ryan Anthony is quickly becoming a common name among college students and the music industry.

Coupled with technical knowledge and his deep interest in music, Mahan’s creative audio expressions are top quality in recording and production.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur keeps himself busy as he has also commits himself full-time to the continued pursuit of his musical career in Los Angeles.  Hollywood better keep an eye out, Ryan Anthony is a young, educated and ambitious new artist.

You can find Ryan Anthony’s CD in various local retail shops. And for more information, contact him on twitter @RyanAnth0ny or via Facebook at /ThisARyanAnthonyBeat.

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Media Comm team brought home the ribbons

Del Mar Fair prizewinners, from left, Jorge Serrano, Alexis Jacquett, William Snead, Nicolle Fedor and Chris Norris

-Staff Report–

DEL MAR, California — Over the summer, the Media Communications Department of Grossmont College won a pastle of awards at the San Diego County Fair at Del Mar in a competion for the best college-level mock television newscast. Broadcast student and producer Nicolle Fedor explained that the storyline of Grossmont’s broadcast followed an evening television newscast format with three anchors. The 10-minute live broadcast informed the Grossmont campus audience of such world news stories as it the death of Osama Bin Laden followed by news of the Royal honeymoon and the United States Navy’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy changes. In a high-tech business segment, the team covered news of Microsoft , Skype, AT&T and T-Mobile, Google, Apple, Facebook and Symantec. The three anchors then closed out the broadcast. Besides Fedor, team members included Alexis Jacquett, Chris Norris, and Jorge Serrano. Faculty member William Snead oversaw the project.

Other team members included Director, Vincenzo Ruffino; Technical Director, Christian Vega; Audio,  Joshua Jensma; VT Recorder, Ryan Mahan; Camera 2, Sakuna Thongramsy; Talent 3, Arianna Nevins and Announcer, Shawn Felix.

Griffin radio hosts St. Patrick’s day fun

Video by Taylor Harris and Earnest Carter

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Griffin Radio hosted a St. Patrick’s Day event that included a bake sale, games and prizes in order to raise funds for the Media Communications department.  Nicolle Fedor of the radio staff explained what it was all about during an on-scene video interview.


Harris and Carter are students in MCOMM 132; email them respectively at and

College radio to cover GC baseball live

Griffin Girl Arianna Nevins interviewed the featured player for the week of March 1, #23 infielder Kenny Beltzer.

By Nicolle Fedor

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Did you know that Grossmont College owns and operates a fully functional radio station? Yes, it’s true! As part of the Media Communication’s degree curriculum, the Department offers a class, MCOM119 sections A-D, in which students learn about on and off-air radio/audio production techniques and what it takes to manage, produce and operate at a radio station.

This spring MCOM119, better known as Griffin Radio, will be providing live radio coverage of all of Grossmont baseball home games each Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 2 p.m. Grossmont students Vince Ruffino and Andrew Vasquez will be announcing the games.

In addition to play-by-play coverage, the radio station’s promotion workers (aka Griffin Girls) will be interviewing featured players and giving away customized “Player Packs” to fans attending at Noel Mickelson field. Attendees will have the opportunity to win these great swag bags by correctly answering baseball-themed trivia questions throughout the game. The contest is sponsored by Grossmont College and Griffin Radio.

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