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Tie-Dyed faculty and staff convocation celebrates Grossmont’s 50th anniversary

Balloons signalling Grossmont College's 50th anniversary displayed near gymn on Monday, August 15

A photo essay by Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Last year it was unusual slippers, this year it was tie-dyed clothing, as faculty and staff came together for fun and learning in the week prior to classes.   Their convocation featured a motivational speaker and a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Grossmont College’s founding.

The morning scene in front of the gymnasium, where refreshments preceded the formal proceedings, seemed a flashback to the 1960s, with tie-dyed outfits recalling the era of hippies, flower children and peace signs.

Faculty and staff in 60's dress

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Artists get wrapped up in their work

Patrick Faulk

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The Summit presents a sneak peak of Robert Sanchez’s portfolio project “Comfort in Chaos.” Sanchez has made environmental portraits of numerous painters, musicians, and other artists both at and beyond Grossmont College.  For his project, Sanchez photographed artists “in their place of creativity.” By “stepping into these worlds,” he writes “I realized that we all have something in common, comfort in chaos.”

Ashley Castillo

Brenon Bullock

Photo essay: After the rain reigned on campus

Story and Photos by Robert Sanchez

Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –A day after a storm in March, cement walkways throughout the campus were slick with cold, still puddles and covered with gritty dirt and leaves abruptly separated by the wind from trees. You could even feel the brisk chill breeze shifting through hallways.

With the skies clearing, and the sun peeking its warmth through the dark, diffuse clouds, Grossmont College had fresh, crisp lighting glimmering off its railings, illuminating the leftover droplets.


Sanchez is Photo Editor of the GC Summit; email him at

Photo vet sheds light on shedding light

Tim Meyer speaks about portrait lighting


Robert Sanchez

Story and pictures by Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – The Photography department hosted Tim Meyer, throughout the last week of March.  Meyer, a professional photographer and professor at Brooks Institute, gave seminars on portrait lighting.

Covering an array of material – from light modifiers to lighting ratios, to just knowing your photo history and how it is relevant today – and speaking to an array of photographers – from complete beginners to those with years of experience –Meyer’s seminar certainly enlightened us all.

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International Club photos by Stephen Harvey

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The International Club, according to its website (, aims to “promote friendship and understanding among students from different cultures.” Further, among their goals is “to provide a more enjoyable stay for International Students, but our membership includes both American and International Students.” In the last months of 2010, Grossmont College photographer Stephen Harvey joined the Club on some of its outings.

International Club BBQ, 2010

International Club BBQ, 2010

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Photographer essays campus construction

Work crew in front of the tech mall
Work crew in front of the tech mall


GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The construction tableau changes from week-to-week, even from day-to-day as work crews rebuild, refurbish and revitalize the campus.  Photographer Bobby Sanchez took a walk on campus last week to check out the progress.   Here’s what he saw.   If you walk on campus today, you can see changes even from these photos.

All the mess that lines the back part of the Cafeteria. You can also find this yellow caution tape around the side of the quad in font of the book store.

All the mess that lines the back part of the Cafeteria. You can also find this yellow caution tape around the side of the quad in front of the book store.

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