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Evolution has happened in the restaurant industry

 By Kamri Jackson  

A vegan's treat (Photo: Andre Power)

SAN DIEGO — Adjacent to Balboa Park, at 5th (at Quince) in Downtown San Diego you will find a fast-food restaurant that is breaking into the new-age of fast food. Evolution, is a 100% vegan fast food restaurant that serves a variety of vegan burgers, pizza, shakes, organic juices and vegan treats.

I’ve heard whispers among fellow students in comparative politics class. Passing chit-chatters at the local farmers market in Hillcrest– but never had I actually tried one of Evolution’s burgers or their famous chili-cheese fries. During a recent visit to Evolution with a friend of mine, however, I was able to find out first hand, what the fuss was all about!

I was very pleased by the overall friendly customer service. From the advice given when attempting to choose a vegan burger, from the friendly sever, to the singing cook in the back–and the rich smell or sweet potato French fries that filled the air. The overall ambiance and energy of the place is light years ahead of the average fast food chain.

I finally decided to try their Raw Burger, which is essentially a patty made of dehydrated nuts, seeds, tomato, and hummus “cheese” all nestled inside two lovely beds of cabbage. We also ordered the “Chick’n sand” burger, which is a mock chicken patty, served with avocado, lettuce, and tomato. In addition, we ordered a side of sweet potato fries and a vegan shortbread cookie. The overall experience was satisfying. The burgers were great, and it felt even greater to know that we have an accessible 100% vegan fast food restaurant that is up for the challenge of eradicating the way we see our food an environment. According to Evolution, all ingredients are chosen at their freshest, and organic when available.

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Campus bargain: a 5-course gourmet meal prepared by culinary arts students

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—Chef Joe Orate is teaching Grossmont students to prepare meals fit for five-star restaurants.  On Thursday nights, members of his culinary arts class have been readying themselves for  careers  as chefs by making, under his close supervision, a salad course, soup, an intermezzo, entrée, and dessert  with coffee.

Faculty and students in the know line up to enjoy the full, five-course meals, which have been offered to the campus community at the bargain price of $20.  

Videographer Felipe Oliveira and reporter Kamri Jackson went behind the scenes to provide this special report.

Oliveira and Jackson are students in Media Comm 132

Restaurant Review: Pokez offers a Mexican vegetarian feast

By Kamri Jackson

Some favorite Mexican dishes, Pokez style (Photo: Alexis Jacquett)

SAN DIEGO – This city has several qualities which many would claim set it apart from any other city. The beautiful weather is one– and another big one is its Mexican cuisine.

Let’s be honest, we are truly fortunate to have amazing access to such great Mexican food. Although this may hold true for most San Diegans, the vegetarian or vegan, often finds it a bit tricky to locate the right taco shop that will appease our dining needs and expectations.

Pokez (pronounced po-keys), is a Mexican vegetarian eatery at 947 E Street in downtown.  It is sure to please the veg foodie. 

Pokez has been one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants for years, and continues to serve up lard-free beans, tortilla chips, and tofu dishes which are never cooked in the same oil as meat. Rest assure, veggies– Pokez got you!

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Meet Sue Gonda, Grossmont College’s next Academic Senate president

Sue Gonda in artifact-filled office (Photo: Kamri Jackson)

By Kamri Jackson

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Seldom do we know of the path taken by our professors and campus faculty in order to stand in front of us to teach and assist in shaping our educational experience.

I was able to delve a bit into the past of the recently elected Academic Senate President,  Dr. Sue Gonda, during a recent interview in her Tech Mall office decked out with historic artifacts.  Her term of office begins the day after Grossmont’s graduation ceremonies.

Born and raised on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, Gonda traveled to San Diego in 1981, where she worked as a secretary for over a decade– until realizing she wanted to earn a college degree and move forward in her career and life endeavors.

Gonda was able to work full-time as a secretary while going to school. She obtained a bachelors degree in history at San Diego State University. She went on to UCLA, and was granted a Master’s Degree and Doctorate in American Legal and Women’s History respectively.

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Academic Senate choosing a new president

By Kamri Jackson

Kamri Jackson

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –Students may not be aware but there is a committee of faculty that meets on the1st, 3rd, and 5th Monday of every month to discuss the matters of the College on an academic and collegial basis.

Grossmont College’s Academic Senate is responsible for representing  the faculty and consulting collegially with both the college administration and the college district’s  governing board to reach mutual agreement on the development of policies and procedures related to academic and professional matters.


Currently, the Academic Senate is conducting two important selection processes. Nominations closed last Monday, Oct. 18, for the presidential election and balloting was Oct. 25.   At press time, Dr. Susan Gonda of the History Department was the only candidate for the position.

Gonda shared in her candidate statement that “It would be my privilege to be President of Grossmont’s Academic Senate for the next term of two years. I have been very active in the Senate and on campus in a variety of forums, so I am very familiar with college and district structures, decision-making processes and the new ideas and policies heading down the pipeline.”

The current president, Chris Hill, stated during an interview that the main objective of the president is to “represent the faculty perspective … in order to make the best decisions for the overall college.”

Laura Sims, chair of the Senate’s academic elections committee,  said when the state budget crisis forced Grossmont to eliminate 400 class sections prior to this semester, the Academic Senate consulted closely with the Administration on which cuts would be least harmful to students.

Both professors told the Summit that the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District seeks input from the Academic Senate in the spirit of “shared governance and participation.”

According to Grossmont Academic Senate’s Constitution Article III, the Senate “represents all non-management certificated personnel employed at Grossmont College.”

Main topics for the Senate include grading and planning for the funneling of resources for the college. An example of a topic discussed by the Senate was the SB 1440 Act (Student Transfer Reform Act), which now enables more transfers from community colleges to the California State University and Colleges. 
In addition to the presidential election,  the Senate has opened nominations for the Faculty Co-chair of the Accreditation Steering Committee.  This position runs for six semesters, beginning in Spring 201.

Jackson is a student in MCOMM 132

Review: Loving Hut provides a healthy, vegan experience

By Kamri Jackson

Kamri Jackson

SAN DIEGO — “Be Veg, Go green, Save the Planet.”

What a mantra for a fast food chain! Loving Hut at 1905 El Cajon Boulevard in the Normal Heights neighborhood, is a 100% vegan fast food chain which advocates the vision that “all beings could live in peace, love and harmony with each other, and the planet.”

Loving Hut promotes itself as the fastest growing international vegan fast food chain in the world, with California branches in Milpitas, Palo Alto and San Francisco and international branches in Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong.

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Commentary: Health science complex totally transforms learning environment

By Kamri Jackson

Kamri Jackson

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– The Ribbon has been cut. The futurist
building is complete; it is official. On Friday, Sept. 17, Grossmont faculty, students, and esteemed guests celebrated the opening of the brand new, “state of the art” Health and Sciences Complex.. Grossmont College President, Dr. Sunita Cooke described the building as “futuristic, functional, and stunning,” during the opening ceremony.

In addition, Cooke stated that the building functions as “a beautiful space to study, explore, and socialize.”

The $35 million futuristic building would not have become reality, if it were not for Proposition R, which was passed in 2002 by East County voters. It took two years from the date of the first groundbreaking,
up to the grand opening to complete. Citizen’s Bond Oversight
Committee chair, Ron Asbury, stated that the change order of construction was 1.5%, which is well below industry standards.” He credited “efficient planning” and “great people.”

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