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Making the music scene at Riley’s Sports Bar

By Masada Ellis

SAN DIEGO — I love music. And this love is shared by all people.  its understanding is universal and its audience is everybody.

On December 10, I had a chance to share my love and appreciation by hosting a musical event at Riley’s Sports Bar in the Pt Loma area.  From jazz to R.A.P the range of music matched the range of the crowd which was listening and enjoying the good feel in the air.  A night of success giving way to new music, new sound, and good entertainment was met with great enthusiasm and excitement.

It was awesome for me to be  putting together great musicians and local artists. The showcase was my fourth at Riley’s music lounge in Point Loma;  the shows are among a variety of events staged by students.

Ellis is a student in Media Comm 132.   Upcoming shows may be found on www.  and www. . Every artist showcased is part of Sadrobotent.

Hip Hop has become a powerful advertising force

By Masada Ellis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Patron, Bentley, Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Dolge & Gabana all are name brands that have seen a marvelous sales increase with little promotion from the companies themselves. When was the last time you saw a billboard displaying a Bentley, or a commercial for Patron, Gucci, or Prada? Anywhere you look you can see one of these name brands here at Grossmont, on the beach, at the malls. on planes everywhere.

You can see young, old, white, black, Mexican, men, women, gays, straights– every one with some type of new name brand. You rarely see name brands of yesterday, or your parents’ brands such as Guess, Levi’s, dungarees, Union Bay, Cross Colors, etc….
I recently just came from Miami South Beach, Florida and saw Bentleys, Mercedes, Maybachs, Maseratis, and cars as such that are very high priced and weren’t seen as often five years ago, now being used as rentals. We have come a long way from America’s Corvettes as the car for men to have in order to attract the hot women and look suave. No more Hennessey, Alize, Jack Daniels, nowadays it’s Cristal, Patron, Patron, Patron!!!!

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Commentary: Yes, Grossmont is diverse, but is it really inclusive?

By Masada Ellis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — This is an open college to all walks of life regardless of gender, age, race and other natural things that seem to separate us all. Given Grossmont’s location in El Cajon, some might think that this would not be the case, but just take a look at the catalog’s cover, or the cover of the class schedule. There you will find students from almost every major ethnicity, ranging from African-American to European-American. Yet, with all this diversity, it seems that Grossmont still lacks in student camaraderie. 

I myself am a continuing student, having enrolled in the fall of 2009. Since my enrollment I have taken some 60 units, more than 20 classes. I have run into numerous students and have come to a single conclusion. The majority of students will not associate with you if you are not from their social group, or previous school system.

Whoa! Such a bold statement, indeed it is a bold statement, yet one that holds weight nonetheless. I am not from San Diego, nor did I attend any schools in San Diego, making me an outsider. Being 6’4 and Creole, black to everyone around me, has given me a chance to step back and look at at the campus.

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Enrolling at Grossmont was my SOUND decision

By Masada Ellis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — There are many reasons for becoming an audio engineer.  Some students want to record  music, others movies and so forth. As for me, I personally do it to record all sound and to learn the business of my love, music.

This semester has been very different for me. I actually went out into the field to get into the business of audio entertainment. As of last January, I started my own entertainment company, OneManDown. By opening my own music production company, I got to see aspects of the industry many students don’t get to see.  I got to see the entire business side.

I dealt with three different recording situations: an open air live band, a vocal sound studio, and of course Grossmont College’s studio. That enabled me to experience completely different feels, engineering styles and qualities of sound.

I learned in these situations that you do not have to do everything by the book. Improvising is very essential and being able to get good sound must be the focus.  I personally can’t name every component on the Mackie board or the Digital HD pro tools system, but I am personally mixing my own CD and getting it to sound the way I like.

That is perhaps the biggest thing I learned while working with Prof. Brian Cantarini on Wednesdays for over a month for about three to four hours at a time.

Meanwhile in my own business, we hosted our first show on June 3, and since then thus have had a half dozen additional shows.  I am experiencing all the ins and outs of the music business which I so love. In the near future I will be setting up the sound for two additional shows.

 I have the websites  and and the business is progressing. We have done four shows at Riley’s and others are in prospect.

All of this comes from my enrolling into Grossmont’s Media Communication Department.

Ellis is a student in Media Comm 132

Scholarship fund fattened by successful gala

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –With the Fall 2010 semester nearing conclusion, numerous students can be assured that they will have the benefit of scholarships in Spring 2011– thanks to a successful fundraiser held last month by the Grossmont College Foundation.

Held Oct 16 at the Barona Resort Hotel, the fundraiser helped to generate $27,000 in scholarship money through a matching grant,  increasing the overall amount available to $130,000.

The video below narrated by Lan Nguyen, edited by Masada Ellis and featuring an on-air interview by Traci Tripes provides some of the flavor of this important fundraising event.


Masada, Nguyen and Tripes are students in Media Comm 132

‘The Miser’ offered generous helpings of campus talent

By Masada Ellis


Masada Ellis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Are you a lover of theatre, acting, looking to become a director?

If you answered yes to these questions then you should check out Grossmont’s Theatre Arts Department where plays are being presented in great fashion by well-trained casts of students and with great directing. So who is the director? What plays are they choosing and why?

Prof. Henry J. Jordan, head of the Theatre Arts Department, has been directing and teaching theatre for 22 years.  He started his career acting in junior high and naturally progressed to director in 1974 working with the Old Globe Theatre.  His career continued with  movies for the USA network, T.V. commercials and soap operas in Europe.

After turning 30,  Jordan turned his attention to teaching, another of his passions. Why the wait? “I didn’t feel I had enough knowledge until then and decided I wanted to give something back,” Jordan responded. 

His advice to future directors? “Just get in the door and stay in it, you will not get rich but you will have fun, and get an education.” Also, he noted, actors usually make for the best directors, because they know what it entails to act.

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Juanita Browne personifies life-long learning concept

By Masada Ellis

Masada Ellis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — A calm essence surrounds the patiently waiting Dr. Juanita Browne as she sits in her motorized chair in front of the Music Department building 222, waiting for her class to begin. Dr. Browne is not there to teach the class.  She’s there to be a student. 

Ten years into Retirement following a 25-year career as a member of the Grossmont faculty, she says she is enjoying this role reversal. “The role that I ‘play’ is the role of the student (which I am) nothing else,” states Dr. Browne. “I am not active on Grossmont’s Campus. I find it challenging enough to be a student.”

She has taken a multitude of classes at Grossmont including Cross Cultural Studies with Dr. T. Ford and A. Danny Martinez; Spanish I to IV and CSpanish Conversation I and 2 with Paul Vincent and E. Talamantes; Sociology with Israel Cardona and numeorous history courses. 

In the Music Department, Browne has studied with Dean Steve Baker, Derek Cannon, Paul Kurokawa, Kenneth Ard, M. Grinnell. M. Rodewald and Kenneth Anderson,  She is now studying  with Professors Cannon and Anderson. 

“I believe education is extremely important and that one can always learn,” she stated. 

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