Grossmont profiles: Ricks, McCoy and Lego

By Barbara Boyd

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –Walking around the campus can bring you into contact with many interesting people. Recently, I had a chance to learn a little about three of them.

A volunteer with a cause

Joshua Ricks

Joshua Ricks

Joshua Ricks, who is taking a critical thinking class on campus, has been working on a drive to help the Boys and Girls Club.

He seeks old clothes, canned food, shoes, toys, and anything else that can be used to help kids from impoverished families. He’ll be out on the Main Quad on Wednesday, Sept. 28, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m in the quad collecting donations for the boys and girls at the Boys and Girls Club.

Ricks says what began as a class project means much more to him now. He expressed the hope that students, faculty and staff will donate anything that they can for the boys and girls.

A computer savvy staff member

Karen McCoy

Karen McCoy

Have you ever needed help for your computer? Then you might have met Karen McCoy. She is a Multi-Media Tech who is located upstairs in the library. McCoy started her career as a counselor at Cuyamaca College, transferring to Grossmont, seven years ago.

Her job includes handling tinner library loan requests, managing the desk, cataloguing media, and supervising student help. Her next step on the career ladder is to become a Tech Senior, which will entitle her to better pay.


A freedom-loving freshman

Raymond Lego

Raymond Lego

Raymond Lego, a freshman, says after he obtains an Associate of Arts degree here, his goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from a four year university.

Currently he is taking general classes so he can get them out of the way and move on towards a yet undetermined university of his choice. Ricks said he enjoys the college life “structure”.

“You can come and leave as you please”, he explained. He said he likes the freedom of no one telling him how to dress, whether or not he was tardy to class, and whether he did or did not do homework. “You are free to be yourself and find yourself ” he said, adding that he believes that is the point of life.

Boyd is a student in MediaComm132; contact her at

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