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Opinion: Free speech, if not deep thought, evident in comments about Constitution

Students study comments about U.S. Constitution. (Photo: Issac Jeitler)

By Issac Jeitler

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – Roaming around campus this week. students may have noticed  two large pillars wrapped with construction paper.These pillars near the campus cafe quad were placed during Constitution Week for  students to express their opinions on the question: “What does the Constitution mean to you?”

Whether you were born in America, or abroad, certain rights guarantee civilians, students and immigrants freedoms they might not have available in other countries.  One of these is free speech.  For me, watching students exercising their free speech and expressing their emotions as they approached the pillars was  almost as interesting and informative  as reading what others wrote.   Some passersby would read written comments, chuckle, and then announce “that was funny.” One studious student  quipped “Grammar errors attracted me to the wall.”Plenty of explicit comments could be found on the wall, in some cases stretching the limits of free speech.  Students who were more serious about their opinions about the Constitution in some cases were heckled for their  efforts, but then again that is a right protected by the Constitution.

Maribel V., a student engulfed in reading the comments on the wall, commented, “People should know the Constitution better.”  This is probably something we can  all relate to.

In my own opinion, Constitution Week is a good time to give thanks to the founders of our Democratic system and to express our thoughts about their legacy —  hopefully in a more positive light.

Jeitler is a student in Media Comm 132.  He may be contacted at

Grossmont book celebrates 50 years

By Christina Torres 

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Back in 1961, Grossmont College was brand new.  This year, 2011, our college celebrates its 50th year!  Administrators released a book, Grossmont College: Celebrating 50 Years, chronicling the past 50 years at Grossmont College.  Coordinating the process was Rick Griffin, Grossmont’s director of College and Community Relations.

The book is chronological, starting with September 11, 1961, when Grossmont first opened with a student enrollment of 1,538.  In 1966, while campaigning to become California’s governor, Ronald Reagan, visited the campus — 14 years before he was elected president of the United States.

In 1970, the college’s enrollment had risen to 8,100, and, because of the higher enrollment, administrators considered opening a second campus, which became Cuyamaca College.

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Winless Griffins face Southwestern in home opener football game Saturday, Sept. 17

By Dylan Burke

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The Griffins will face Southwestern College at home at 1 p.m. Saturday, still looking for their first win of the season.

The football team  is 0-2 this year after dropping its opener 33-30 to San Diego Mesa and 34-7 to El Camino last weekend.
Despite the lopsided loss to El Camino, there are definite signs of improvement among the young Grossmont football players, according to head coach, Mike Jordan.

Jordan attributed the loss to a combination of mistakes made by all three squads: the offense, defense and special teams, “We were not securing the football”, he said;  however, the number of turnovers dropped from five in the San Diego Mesa game  to three against El Camino. 

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