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Americans Elect circulates petitions on same-sex marriage

Jacobi Malone sits at petition booth for same sex marriage.

Jacobi Malone sits at petition booth for same sex marriage. (Photo: Phil Tipple)

By Philip Tipple

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– Jacobi Malone, a petition circulator who says he is representing the budding internet political party, Americans Elect, has  frequented Grossmont to circulate petitions on a variety of issues including those he describes as advocating cheaper auto insurance, saving the city worker pensions, fair redistricting and supporting same-sex marriage.

Malone said similar petitions will be circulated next week.   He asserted that Americans Elect is trying to “give the power directly to the people.”

Malone says that not only is Americans Elect attempting to save people money on their auto insurance but it is also trying to forestall pension cuts for the city worker. The petition concerning same-sex marriage is an attempt to determine the community consensus on this controversial topic, Malone said.

Americans Elect has been quietly winning places on 2012 presidential ballots in states across America by persuading voters that by taking advantage of the process of direct petitioning they should have as much say as to who should be nominated for President as do the two major political parties.

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Constitution Week enlivens campus

Sons of the American Revolution, dressed in uniforms of the Continental Army, staff booth next to free speech wall on which students are encouraged to post their thoughts about the Constitution (Photo: Philip Tipple)

By David Hurst

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—Barbecue, free pocket Constitutions, and a chance to meet and pose for photos with Sons of the American Revolution are some of the highlights of the ongoing campus Constitution Week.

In addition, a Constitution ‘Wall’ was constructed Monday and already is attracing written comments, thoughts, questions and artwork from students on the Constitution and the American system of government.  Some of the comments exemplify the concept of “freedom of speech.”

On Thursday,  Sept. 15, Griffin Radio will feature patriotic music courtesy of the Grosssmont College Future Broadcaster’s Association. Also, there will be a lecture on Civil Liberties in the 21st Century given by Dr. Joseph J. Braunwarth, Professor of Political Science, from 9:30-11:00.

Cheryl -Anne Phillips, president of the ASGC,  commented that Constitution Week “makes people aware of the constitution and how laws are made.”

Thursday also features Phillip Henshaw and Stan Delong representing the San Diego Chapter of the SAR. Descendants of early U.S. settlers, they are easily recognized on campus wearing 18th century American military uniforms in honor of George Washington.  The gentlemen say they have participated in Grossmont College’s Constitution Week for the last several years in honor of the patriots who founded the American system of government.


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The ins and outs of Wi-Fi on the Grossmont campus

By Issac Jeitler

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – Keeping up with cutting edge technology, the Grossmont College Campus offers free Wi-Fi to students using laptops, tablets and other wireless devices.

“Wi-Fi” is, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is  an abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity, a group of technical standards enabling the transmission of data over wireless networks.
Certain areas around campus are considered dead spots, mostly due to newly constructed areas with thicker walls and electrical interference. However, even with the limitations, the free-to-use service has  sufficient campus  hot spots to enable a wide variety of uses for Grossmont students.
Marc Arizmendez, an aspiring Media Communications student and news director for Griffin Radio, spends ample time on his laptop doing class work and research for the radio department.
He commented that Wi-Fi on campus enables  social interaction with people off campus, and  it’s convenient to use “without having to be inside the tech mall.”   However, he said, in newer buildings he has had trouble receiving a signal,  and that wi-fi service seems to bog down in the tech mall, perhaps because it’s a main hub for other students using the same service.
There is no password requirement for using the system. Simply find the Grossmont College network on your wireless device and connect to it for free Wi-Fi service.

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Faculty member urges ‘study abroad’ programs for Grossmont and Cuyamaca students

By Barbara Boyd

CUYAMACA COLLEGE–Dr. Lyn Neylon, a professor of English and English as a Second Language at Grossmont’s sister-school, Cuyamaca College, has requested a sabbatical leave to create an office that could facilitate study aborad at Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges.

In her application for the sabbatical, Neylon said she wanted to create a “self-sustaining International Studies and Programs Office at the district level that would assist students and faculty at both colleges in participating in study abroad; enhance relationships with international institutions of higher education for student/faculty exchange, international student recruitment, and global curriculum/program development; and to research possible funding streams to both support the International Studies and Programs Office as well as assist students financially, so they can participate in international programs.”

Neylon asserted that  study abroad “engenders greater comprehension and retention” for languages and culture.

Her proposal is now being reviewed by the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.


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ASGC board seeks new members

Chris Foskett at work in ASGC office (Photo: Kellen Brauer)

By Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- The Associated Students of Grossmont College, which coordinates many events on campus, is chaired by ASGC President Cheryl-Anne Phillips and is run by a board of directors who want more colleagues.

“We want all of the students to know that we are here for them,” said ASGC board member Tina Howell. “If there is any suggestion that any student has, we want to know about it. It’s very important to us that we represent our students.”

“We have over 20,000 students, and at the moment we only have 13 board members,” Howell continued. “We would love to have a board member for every 1,000 students.”

ASGC meetings are open to all students and applications for board membership are available in both the Student Affairs office and the ASGC office.

“If you have above a 2.4 GPA, time available between 8 a.m to 9::30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, four hours available to give to office hours, six credit hours and your student benefit card, then you can apply to be on the board,” said Howell.

“We also want to promote our student benefit card,” said Howell. “We’re working really hard to get different benefits within the community and not just at Grossmont and Cuyamaca.”

Items obtainable with the student benefit card include unlimited popcorn, a prize drawing ticket, and savings at Ross Books and the Grossmont Bookstore, according to Howell.

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Mahan journeyed from beat maker to rapper

By Nicolle Fedor

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Ryan Anthony Mahan graduated in audio production from Grossmont in the spring of 2011.  Since then, Mahan has released over 20 track features, a few music videos and finally, his first solo album, Rockin’ In My Moccasins.

At first Mahan was exclusively a beat maker, but then contributed vocals on one artist’a tracks–that sparked the encouragement for the typically shy Mahan to join the rap game.

While infiltrating social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and steadily performing at local venues such as Deco’s and Belo, Ryan Anthony is quickly becoming a common name among college students and the music industry.

Coupled with technical knowledge and his deep interest in music, Mahan’s creative audio expressions are top quality in recording and production.

The 21-year-old entrepreneur keeps himself busy as he has also commits himself full-time to the continued pursuit of his musical career in Los Angeles.  Hollywood better keep an eye out, Ryan Anthony is a young, educated and ambitious new artist.

You can find Ryan Anthony’s CD in various local retail shops. And for more information, contact him on twitter @RyanAnth0ny or via Facebook at /ThisARyanAnthonyBeat.

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9/11 Memorial Olive Tree planted on campus

Sept. 11 remembrance tree planted Tuesday, Sept. 13, by left column, from front: Grossmont President Sunita Cooke, ASGC President Cheryl-Anne Phillips, Christopher Foskett and groundsman Martin Hipwell, and right column, from front, Tina Howell, Arianna Nevins, Samantha Elliott, Danielle Ramirez and groundsman Jack Newman.

By Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- An olive tree was planted Tuesday, Sept. 13,  in remembrance of the victims of the  September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The tree was planted in front of Building 55. Messages written by students about the attacks dangled from its branches.

Due to last Thursday’s countywide power outage, the campus was closed Friday which was when the ceremony had been originally scheduled. This meant that the ceremony had a small turnout due to students not knowing about the date change.

“The ceremony took place at 9:30a.m.,” said ASGC member Chris Foskett. “There were not a lot of people there.”

“Hopefully a lot of people will see the tree now that it’s there,” said ASGC member Sicarra Devers. “I guess the plans for the ceremony got a little bit messed up due to the power outage.”

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