Transfer center offers…well, transfer options!

Mary Rider at Transfer Center (Photo: Christina Torres)

By Christina Torres

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—When it comes time to transfer, where will students go? That is a question that Grossmont officials recommend that students ask themselves long before they are ready to transfer.  The  Transfer Center on campus was established to help in this process.

According to Mary Rider, university transfer coordinator at Grossmont, the Transfer Center has racks filled with specialized information for transfer questions.  If a student is uncertain about  the process to follow, center staff  can provide information that would be hard to get at a 30-minute meeting with the Counseling office.

For the current semester,  many students were denied entrance to SDSU because they had problems in their supplementary application process.  Rider said 90% of Grossmont students didn’t attend an application workshop sponsored by the Transfer Center at which such problems could have been anticipated and resolved.

Rider recommends that all students aiming to transfer take advantage of resources that the Transfer Center has to offer. And as transferring gets harder because of budget-cuts, students need to make sure that they have the most up-to-date information on what certain colleges or universities require for applications, she said.

Some upcoming events sponsored by the Transfer Center are:

  • The College Fair on October 5th, to  held in the main quad at Grossmont from 10 am to 1 pm,  showcasing over 40  colleges and universities.
  • Students and professors from UCSD will visit Grossmont Oct. 13 to talk  about their experience at UCSD, and about organizations and programs supporting student success at UCSD.

Additionally, Rider regularly holds transfer-ready workshops at the Transfer Center in the modular village, unit 58D, on: Mondays from 5 to 6 pm, Wednesdays from 10 to 11 am, and Thursdays from 11 to 12 pm. The purpose of these workshops is to help a student meet transfer and application deadlines and to develop action plans.  For example, college freshman get guaranteed admission with a 3.0 to UCSD who are willing to say, “Yes, I want to go to UCSD”.

Budget-cuts have reduced the hours of service and staff at the Transfer Center.   The center used to offer transportation to university workshops and special workshops for students to check out different schools. But the center has  had to discontinue these services.  Meanwhile, various colleges and universities ” have cut back so much on who they can take,” said Rider.

*Torres is a student in MediaComm132; contact her at

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