Arabic Club hosts end-of-semester food and fun

Dr. Sonia Ghattas-Soliman (right), Grossmont instructor of Arabic, Arabic club advisor and Arabic, French and Italian Coordinator, serves Arabic food to event-goers.

Story and photo by Russ Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The Arabic Club hosted an event focused on food, fun and education, in the main quad, May 18.

Of the event, Deana Hourani, the club’s chef and marketer–and one of the coordinators of the event–said the following: “Every semester the Arabic club of Grossmont College organizes and plans an event to increase student knowledge about Arab and Middle Eastern culture. This semester we decided to bring food from a couple Arab countries.

“We had a table for Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon. Every table incorporated certain food from that country. We also had Arabic music and an educational game show that asked students to answer questions about Arabic culture, ranging from geography, to history, to famous cities.

“The Arabic Club continues to be a bridge between the Arab culture and Western culture. The overall goal is to educate the non-Arab students about Arab culture and traditions. We feel this is an enriching experience for all people.”

Lindquist is Managing Editor of the GC Summit; email him at

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