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Auction raises $3000 for student art exhibition

By Alexis Tittle

GROSSMONT COLLEGE –Art students will have a chance to show off their work and compete for prizes and scholarships at the upcoming Student Art Exhibition, which runs from May 9 to May 19 at the Hyde Art Gallery.

To be part of the exhibit, students must be taking an art class and submit a piece that relates to their class at Grossmont. Awards will be presented at a special gallery opening on May 17 at 7 pm.

More than three thousand dollars to support this endeavor was raised by the Grossmont Arts Council at their arts auction at Hyde Gallery on March 11. The night was an event to remember featuring the work of 18 local artists. Continue reading

Photo vet sheds light on shedding light

Tim Meyer speaks about portrait lighting


Robert Sanchez

Story and pictures by Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – The Photography department hosted Tim Meyer, throughout the last week of March.  Meyer, a professional photographer and professor at Brooks Institute, gave seminars on portrait lighting.

Covering an array of material – from light modifiers to lighting ratios, to just knowing your photo history and how it is relevant today – and speaking to an array of photographers – from complete beginners to those with years of experience –Meyer’s seminar certainly enlightened us all.

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30 faculty artists exhibit at the Hyde


Faculty Art Show, Hyde Art Gallery (Photo: Robert Sanchez)

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – The works of 30 faculty artists will be on exhibit and for sale through Thursday, October 28, at the Hyde Art Gallery.

Works being shown include photographs, mixed media, pastel on sanded pastel paper, wood and silver, sterling silver, soda fired clay, arylic wash on toned canvas, archival pigment print on silk with thread, oil on canvas acrylic on canvas, ceramic, silver gelatin print, Hektone Carbon Pigment Print, and Clay with lead and glaze.

Exhibitors include Stephanie Bedwell, Jennifer Bennett, Craig Carlson,  Patricio Chavez,  John Chwekun, Andrew Cross, Steven Dille, Tom Fox, Daphne Hill, Suda House, Jeff Irwin, Roberta Klein, Larry & Debbie Klein, Thomas Lazzara, Lisa Medlen, Christina Montouri, Diane Morris, Bill Mosely, Edward Pieters,  Judith Preston, Ingrid Psuty, Jacqueline Ramirez, Tony Renier, Susan Richardson, Anna Stump, Julia Thompson, Paul Turountet, Al Ventura, and Michael Wheeldon.

Prices range from $15 each for “Glazed Candy” created by Larry & Debbie Kline to $4,500 for Jeff Irwin’s clay, glaze creation “Pointer on Table,” measuring 45” x22” x14”

Preceding based on material provided by Hyde Art Gallery