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9/11 Memorial Olive Tree planted on campus

Sept. 11 remembrance tree planted Tuesday, Sept. 13, by left column, from front: Grossmont President Sunita Cooke, ASGC President Cheryl-Anne Phillips, Christopher Foskett and groundsman Martin Hipwell, and right column, from front, Tina Howell, Arianna Nevins, Samantha Elliott, Danielle Ramirez and groundsman Jack Newman.

By Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- An olive tree was planted Tuesday, Sept. 13,  in remembrance of the victims of the  September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The tree was planted in front of Building 55. Messages written by students about the attacks dangled from its branches.

Due to last Thursday’s countywide power outage, the campus was closed Friday which was when the ceremony had been originally scheduled. This meant that the ceremony had a small turnout due to students not knowing about the date change.

“The ceremony took place at 9:30a.m.,” said ASGC member Chris Foskett. “There were not a lot of people there.”

“Hopefully a lot of people will see the tree now that it’s there,” said ASGC member Sicarra Devers. “I guess the plans for the ceremony got a little bit messed up due to the power outage.”

Brauer is a student in Media Comm 132.  He may be contacted at

Phillips elected as ASGC president

By William Dudley

Cheryl Ann Phillips, ASGC president-elect (Photo: Russ Lindquist)

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Cheryl-Anne Phillips and Christopher Enders headed a group of 15 Grossmont students who were elected to governing positions with the Associated Students of Grossmont College.

Phillips, currently ASGC comptroller, was elected president, while Enders,  this year’s  student president, retained his other current position as student trustee on the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Board of Governors.

Voter turnout in the online elections was low, with 221 students participating out of 18,797 registered students eligible to vote.
Phillips received 184 votes for president, while Enders got 189 votes for student trustree.  That was 1.18 percent of the potential electorate.

Both Phillips and Enders ran unopposed. Other people elected with no opposition included Dylan Keeling (vice president), Arianna Nevins (comptroller), Samantha Elliott (executive secretary of student legislation), and Ivan Gutierrez (director of campus activities). In the only  contest, Emma Carrillo was elected director of publicity, eking out a win over Sicarra Devers with 102 votes (52% of the vote).

On the same ballot, Devers was successful in her quest to become a member of the ASGC Board of Directors, joining the elected students mentioned above. In addition, the Board of Directors will include Molly Ayala, Wayne Anthony Butler, Christopher Foskett, Kevin Garcia, James Mauschbaugh, and Perla Perez. To join the board, these students had to file their candidacy and receive at least one student vote.

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Election time for ASGC


Editor’s note: Voting for ASGC officials starts today. This past week our reporter spoke to some candidates and filed this story.


By Alexis Tittle

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—It’s April and besides your taxes, this month the Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) will be holding elections. Most of the candidates will be running unopposed but see this year’s elections as a way of getting students more involved and aware of ASGC and the many benefits it has to offer students.

In case you were unaware ASGC helps organize and regulate campus activities. It also donates half of its expenditures to academic and other school department in the form of grants, helping them buy things like sports equipment, cadavers, Bunsen burners and computers.

The election will take place April 11th and 12th. The ballots will be an all online process. Students will be notified by email, not necessarily at their school email account, but at the email address that was set up with their web-advisor account.

Last year’s election had a less-than-1% turnout. I had a chance to speak with a few of the candidates about their take on this year’s election.

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Somo elected new ASGC Director of Campus Activities

By William Dudley

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Sept 14 — Sandy Somo was elected  today by the board of the Associated Students of Grossmont College as Director of Campus Activities.

As the student director, Somo will be responsible for devising, implementing, and coordinating all campus-wide events, such as Constitution Week now in progress. The executive job involves working with students, clubs, Grossmont administration, and outside businesses.

In addition to Somo, four other student board members had been nominated for the position: Sicarra Devers, Damien Smith, Molly Ayala, and Danielle Ramirez. All nominees were given a group “job interview” in which they answered questions from the board and touted their ideas for campus events and why they should be selected.

Voting was then done by show of hands. The first round of voting eliminated Smith, Ayala, and Ramirez. Somo then outpolled Devers with a clear majority of eleven votes in the second round (with two abstentions).

Somo, a second-year English/Sociology student from West Hills High School (Santee), called herself a “consensus type person” who would actively seek help from ASGC board members and other students in both soliciting ideas and managing events. Continue reading