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‘The Miser’ offered generous helpings of campus talent

By Masada Ellis


Masada Ellis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Are you a lover of theatre, acting, looking to become a director?

If you answered yes to these questions then you should check out Grossmont’s Theatre Arts Department where plays are being presented in great fashion by well-trained casts of students and with great directing. So who is the director? What plays are they choosing and why?

Prof. Henry J. Jordan, head of the Theatre Arts Department, has been directing and teaching theatre for 22 years.  He started his career acting in junior high and naturally progressed to director in 1974 working with the Old Globe Theatre.  His career continued with  movies for the USA network, T.V. commercials and soap operas in Europe.

After turning 30,  Jordan turned his attention to teaching, another of his passions. Why the wait? “I didn’t feel I had enough knowledge until then and decided I wanted to give something back,” Jordan responded. 

His advice to future directors? “Just get in the door and stay in it, you will not get rich but you will have fun, and get an education.” Also, he noted, actors usually make for the best directors, because they know what it entails to act.

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