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Movie review: ‘Rio’

By Alexis Tittle

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Rio is the latest animated feature from Blue Sky Studios, the creators of Ice Age.  Although this movie is rated G, it is not just for kids – it’s a good date movie as well.  The story is about Blue (Jesse Eisenberg) a tropical bird from Rio de Janeiro, but misplaced in Minnesota, who returns to his home to ensure the survival of his species.

Blue grows up ‘protected’ and never learns to fly.  An exotic bird scientist (Rodrigo Santoro) finds Blue and convinces his owner to bring him to Rio de Janeiro so Blue can be mated.

The mating doesn’t go exactly as planned as Blue and his match Jewel (Anne Hathaway) are captured. They escape with the assistance of a series of characters including a Toucan played by George Lopez.

Lopez’s voice is awkward for the toucan – it just doesn’t sound good.  Other than that, the movie was funny.  A highlight for me was the pick-pocketing gangster marmosets that distract tourists with tricks to steal watches.

At one point in the movie, a standoff ensues between birds and monkeys, then someone yells “Birds versus monkeys!” and they all fight.  In a real fight the monkeys would win but,  because Rio is a bird movie, the birds win.


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