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ESL students relate some Mexican customs

Editor’s Note:  In a previous article, two male ESL students wrote about customs in their native Iraq.  In this article,  ESL students Debora Cardena and Maria Rodriguez write about customs in Mexico.  The GC Summit welcomes contributions from students.  They may be submitted via professors or directly to the Summit’s instructor at

By Debora Cardena

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — In different countries around the world, the influence of the culture affects the behavior of people, as well as the country’s economy.

Teens are considered adults at age 18 in some countries, and in other countries they are considered adults at age 21. No matter what the country is, the bridge between the dependent life and the independent life differs by culture. This affects the way of life for people, as it affects the country productivity and economy.

For example, in Mexico, children are considered adults at age eighteen, but they are still supported by their parents, and live with them for a long time. This affects their development as well the development of the country. In the United States, at age twenty one, they are considered adults, but at age eighteen they are considered capable of being independent, having their own place to live, and supporting themselves.

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