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Media Comm team brought home the ribbons

Del Mar Fair prizewinners, from left, Jorge Serrano, Alexis Jacquett, William Snead, Nicolle Fedor and Chris Norris

-Staff Report–

DEL MAR, California — Over the summer, the Media Communications Department of Grossmont College won a pastle of awards at the San Diego County Fair at Del Mar in a competion for the best college-level mock television newscast. Broadcast student and producer Nicolle Fedor explained that the storyline of Grossmont’s broadcast followed an evening television newscast format with three anchors. The 10-minute live broadcast informed the Grossmont campus audience of such world news stories as it the death of Osama Bin Laden followed by news of the Royal honeymoon and the United States Navy’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy changes. In a high-tech business segment, the team covered news of Microsoft , Skype, AT&T and T-Mobile, Google, Apple, Facebook and Symantec. The three anchors then closed out the broadcast. Besides Fedor, team members included Alexis Jacquett, Chris Norris, and Jorge Serrano. Faculty member William Snead oversaw the project.

Other team members included Director, Vincenzo Ruffino; Technical Director, Christian Vega; Audio,  Joshua Jensma; VT Recorder, Ryan Mahan; Camera 2, Sakuna Thongramsy; Talent 3, Arianna Nevins and Announcer, Shawn Felix.

Special video report: Our smoke-free campus

See the Special Video Report by Felipe Oliveira

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Sept. 9 — It took several years for Grossmont College to ban smoking, according to Dean of Student Affairs Agustin Albarran.  In 2004 and 2005, a student named Rick Walker headed a campaign calling for it; and in 2006 student Sarah Moore helped bring the policy into reality.

In the first year of an experiment authorized by the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, Grossmont College restricted smoking to certain areas of the campus.   Thereafter, a full ban went into effect, requiring students who wanted to smoke to go off campus.

Predictably, there is a division of opinion today among smokers and non-smokers over the efficacy of the policy.  In interviews non-smokers Chuck Reid said he’s glad that as a result of the policy he doesn’t “have to smell fould disgusting cigarette smoke,” and Melissa Milstead said she’s pleased she doesn’t “have to breathe others’ nastiness.”

Smoker Joshua Jensma, on the other hand, said the policy was unnecessary.  He said that two reasons are often cited for it: to protect people against second-hand smoke and to guard against littering.

However, he added, littering is already against the law and subject to a fine.   Second-hand smoke, he added, could be avoided simply by avoiding areas on campus that were designated as smoking areas.
Preceding summarizes video report by Felipe Oliveira, a student in Media Comm 132, which produces the GC Summit