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Winless Griffins face Southwestern in home opener football game Saturday, Sept. 17

By Dylan Burke

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The Griffins will face Southwestern College at home at 1 p.m. Saturday, still looking for their first win of the season.

The football team  is 0-2 this year after dropping its opener 33-30 to San Diego Mesa and 34-7 to El Camino last weekend.
Despite the lopsided loss to El Camino, there are definite signs of improvement among the young Grossmont football players, according to head coach, Mike Jordan.

Jordan attributed the loss to a combination of mistakes made by all three squads: the offense, defense and special teams, “We were not securing the football”, he said;  however, the number of turnovers dropped from five in the San Diego Mesa game  to three against El Camino. 

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Grossmont teams distinguish themselves in various sports

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– Jim Spillers, the associate dean and athletic director,  has some good reasons to smile.

Two Grossmont teams — Women’s Volleyball and Women’s Water Polo–have won championships in the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference.

Cross country runner, Janine Ramos, meanwhile, has advanced to the cross country state championships.  The Men’s Volleyball team, meanwhile, has advanced to the second round of the state playoffs.

As reported here previously, the Griffin Football team will play in the Beach Bowl this Saturday against Santa Ana College in Santa Ana.

Preceding provided by the Grossmont Athletics Department

Grossmont loses game, gains bowl berth

 By William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The Grossmont Griffins have one more chance to conclude the 2010 football season with a win.

 Their last regular-season game was a hard-fought loss to the Palomar College Comets last Saturday at Escondido High School. Grossmont clawed back from a 27-14 deficit to take the lead 28-27 in the third quarter, only to fall behind again. A second comeback fell short, leaving the final score 35-43.

But Grossmont had the last laugh becaused they finished with a 6-4 record — enough to be bowl-eligible, while Palomar finished 5-5. And on Monday it was announced that Grossmont is going to the Beach Bowl. They will play Santa Ana College (8-2) at Santa Ana Stadium on November 20 at 6 p.m.

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Grossmont loses 14-21 after penalty thwarts come-from-behind drive against El Camino

Referee Larry Diel, gesturing, explains to Coach Mike Jordan why he penalized the onside kick (Photo: William Dudley)

By William Dudley

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Sept. 11—The answer is Rule 6, Section 4, Article 1 (and 1A) of the junior college football rulebook

The question:  What football rule was cited in a controversial decision by a referee in Grossmont’s second home game that stopped a Grossmont comeback and preserved El Camino’s tough-fought 21-14 victory?

It had come down to this: with less than two minutes remaining, the Grossmont Griffins had just scored a touchdown to cut El Camino’s lead in half.  The teams lined up for the ensuing kickoff that just about everyone expected would be an onside kick.

Kicker Conner Derby approached the ball and punched a perfect “pooch” kick that tantalizingly floated towards the Grossmont sideline.  Wide receiver Roland Brooks ran under the ball, leaped in the air, cradled the pigskin, landed on the field, and tumbled out of bounds. The fans and players erupted in celebration for the perfectly executed special-teams play that gave the Griffins one last chance to maybe score another touchdown and…

Uh-oh, wait a minute. Referees were conferring on the field.  One by one they joined, until they all were I the huddle, surrounded by Grossmont players, El Camino players, Coach Mike Jordan.

While the refs are talking-and talking-let’s recap the game thus far.

Grossmont scored first, taking the lead on a one-yard run by running back Derrin Alix.  The touchdown drive was set up when linebacker Pat Kelly intercepted a pass by El Camino quarterback Dex Lucci.

Things were looking pretty good for the home team for most of the first half. The Grossmont offense was making plays and first downs, mostly through the passing game. The defense was containing El Camino, especially on third-down conversions.

However, the Griffins were unable to score again as the game proceeded. Some promising drives were cut short by turnovers. Some were slowed by penalties. Some faltered on plays in which quarterback Ryan Woods was sacked or pressured.  Two drives ended with missed field goal kicks by Derby (one miss had been partially blocked).

El Camino ball carrier (middle) is pulled down by his shirt in action against Grossmont (Photo: William Dudley)

Meanwhile, the El Camino offense began to click after Omar Herrera replaced Lucci as Camino’s quarterback.  They ultimately scored three touchdowns on three big plays. Continue reading

Sweltering, hot Grossmont drubs San Diego Mesa 36-7 in football season opener

By William Dudley

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — For football head coach Mike Jordan, Grossmont’s 36-7 thumping of the San Diego Mesa College Olympians Saturday afternoon, Sept. 4, was a “pretty good, pretty sound ” team performance.

For the 800 or so fans at Mashin-Roth Field who braved the intense September sun and heat, the Griffins’ home opener was an entertaining, if not terribly suspenseful, triumph.  The Griffins scored a touchdown on their first drive and never looked back. They made big plays on offense, defense, and special teams, and held Mesa scoreless until the game’s final minute.

For starting quarterback Ryan Woods, however, the game meant something more — the end of a four-year detour.

The last time the Grossmont sophomore had started a game was in 2006 for Granite Hills High School.  The next season he attended Fresno State but was “gray-shirted” and did not play a down.  Finally last season Woods made the Grossmont football team, but as a substitute quarterback whose playing was limited to holding the ball for placekickers.

Perhaps that explains why his overriding emotion at the end of the game was relief. “I was just glad to get it over with.”

Whatever jitters Wood may have had were probably helped by Grossmont’s first drive. Woods completed several key passes for first down, including one in which he got drilled right after releasing the ball. The Griffins marched down the field and scored when RB Darrin Alix (Patrick Henry) took a direct snap and bulled into the endzone from two yards out. 

By halftime the score was 16-0. Grossmont had amassed 211 total yards, while holding Mesa to 31. 

Woods finished the game with 22 of 33 passes completed for 238 yards, including touchdown passes to Alex McLeland (Scripps Ranch) and Jedon Matthews (Horizon). Many of the passes were quick slants and screens, as Woods took advantage of Mesa’s pass coverage scheme that left the underneath routes open. “Just taking what the defense was giving us,” he stated after the game.

The Griffin defense gave very little to Mesa’s offense, holding them to 58 total yards and zero points. The Olympians scored their one touchdown when DB Emilio Diaz (Point Loma) picked up a fumble by substitute quarterback Nick Carey (Tesoro) and ran 76 yards for the score with 19 seconds remaining in the game. An argument could be made that the score could and should have been 52-0 if not for some Grossmont mistakes.

This marked the thirteenth straight victory for the Griffins over the Olympians. Grossmont faces a much tougher test at its next game on Saturday, September 11, against El Camino. Game time is 1 pm.

Notes from the stands:

The weather was sunny, breezy, and hot for Grossmont’s 2010 football opener in which the Griffins easily beat Mesa College.  Temperatures topped 100 degrees. Athletic director Jim Spillers proclaimed a 150 degree “field temperature” to account for both the weather and the way Grossmont’s artificial turf stored and reflected solar heat.

The heat seemed to have more impact off the football field than on it.

A nine-year old girl was taken to Grossmont Hospital by the El Cajon Fire Department; the initial diagnosis was heat exhaustion. 

One of the referees did not come out for the second half due to heat-related issues; the remaining crew of six worked the rest of the game.

The concession stand ran out of Gatorade by halftime. The Mesa sideline ran out of ice in the fourth quarter (Grossmont’s busy water team dispatched some of their supply).

Many large umbrellas were deployed on the bleachers for shade. A good number of fans without umbrellas declined to sit in the bleachers at all and instead gathered in a corner of the field on  the cinder track — because that is where the shade was.

Team mascot Gizmo was nowhere to be seen, presumably because of the heat wave.

Run of the game: A tie between Tucker Spruill (Grassfield, Chesapeake, VA) with his fifty-yard burst in the fourth quarter, and Tramaine Wilkes (Charles Hebert, Springdale, MD), with his runback after an interception.

Catch of the game:  Roland Brooks (Overton, Memphis, TN), with a poised sideline catch keeping both feet in while tilting out of bounds (hmmm, something you see quite often in the NFL)

Hit of the game: Connor Derby (Casa Grande), the kicker, inflicted serious punishment on Mesa’s kickoff returner one time (hmmm, not something you see quite often in the NFL). Oh, and Derby also kicked three field goals and three extra points).

Football rule I did not know until this game: If the wind blows the football of the tee just before the kicker’s foot reaches it, you get a do-over. Derby took advantage of the second chance to place a successful onside kick.

Question I was hesitant to to ask following the game while on the field surrounded by football players:  Um, was that onside kick intentional?

Dudley is a student in Media Communications 132, the class which produces both the online GC Summit and the printed Summit newspaper.