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Textbook sellers compete for your dollars, loyalty

By Barbara Boyd

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The semester begins, you find yourself feeling lucky that you have your classes… then you look up the books you will need. That smile you had is gone, and the first thought that comes to mind is, “how am I going to pay for these?”

It would be safe to say that second or third year students know some tricks for buying books–where to go and where not to go.  As a first year student, all I knew, before researching for this article, was that I needed those books.

I assumed that the only place I could get my books was from the campus bookstore. However, I learned that there are stores and Internet sites that specialize in selling and even renting college textbooks. These stores and sites in some cases offer books at cheaper prices than the campus bookstore.  But, I found, there are pitfalls.  For example, buying books from different bookstores can be time consuming. You have to locate a store, then spend time to determine if  your book  is even there.

Purchasing  books through the internet can present problems too.  Although said to be  “just a click away,” they may take a long time to get to your house.  Waiting for your books to come, and knowing that there is a possibility that your books might get lost in shipping–such tension can make buying textbooks through the internet unacceptable to some people.

Although potentially more expensive, buying textbooks from the campus bookstore can be rewarding. Upper classman Jeff Barnes said that even though he spent close to $300 on his books for this semester he feels he made a better choice buying at the campus bookstore  than elsewhere.

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Bookstore supervisor releases Spring Break hours

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release)–The following are the hours of operation for the campus bookstore throughout Spring Break:

  • Monday, 18TH closed.
  • Tuesday through Thursday: 8AM TO 4PM
  • Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The store will reopen  Monday, April 25th.


The preceding provided by Janet Althaus, supervisor for the Grossmont College bookstore

Where can a vegetarian eat on campus?

By Kamri Jackson

Kamri Jackson

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Sept. 14 — Many students might attest to the fact that it has become rather difficult to find nourishment on campus. Besides the fact that the Cafeteria has been disintegrated for remodeling, it is another hunt altogether to attain food !

Grossmont is quite barren of food between the maltodextrin, monosodium maltrate, hydrogenated oils, and artificial flavors. These are clearly unnatural ingredients, yet they are distributed in bulk and sold to the campus majority.

As a vegetarian myself, I recently went on a campus-wide hunt to see what foods might be available to sustain myself and other vegetarian/health foodies alike. I headed toward the 51 and 55 building to see if any food was available in the temporary Cafeteria. After looking through their menu I found one option: a “vegetarian patty burger” (fresh avocado may be added for a fee).

Grossmont students Ariel Pemberton, Josiah Pemberton, and Brianna Lambert said during a group discussion that there is a lack of good food at reasonable prices in the Cafeteria. As a result, they either bring food from home with them, or to wait to go off campus in order to purchase something more affordable.  None of them had in fact purchased anything from the Cafeteria.  Continue reading