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Brown entreats governors for tax extension

SACRAMENTO (Press Release) – California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott and members of the board of governors on Monday, March 7,  welcomed Gov. Jerry Brown to its March 2011 meeting.  Gov. Brown discussed his reasons for wanting Californians to have the chance to vote on his proposal to extend taxes so community colleges, as one budgetary example, do not have to face cuts of as much as $800 million or more.

“The community colleges are important to our culture, our society and our democracy. It’s about skill achievement.  If you’re more capable, you’re a more productive member of society. Why not pay for that?  I’m not asking my Republican colleagues to tax anything,” said Gov. Brown.  “I’m asking them to let the people of California decide. Do they wish to extend the existing taxes or do they wish to double the cuts that I’ve already proposed?  That’s a simple proposition.”

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District Applauds Governor Schwarzenegger for signing SB 1440 streamlining college transfers

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release)- The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District has applauded Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for signing SB 1440, the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR), said Chancellor Cindy Miles.

“The legislation recognizes the need to streamline the transfer process and provides an improved, more efficient pathway between California Community Colleges and California State Universities.”

“We are so appreciative that our legislative delegation — both Democrats and Republicans – and Governor Schwarzenegger have actively supported this bill,” Miles said.

“SB 1440 sends a strong and encouraging message to our students, letting them know that if they obtain a community college associate degree for transfer, they will be guaranteed admission with junior standing to the California State University system, including priority admission to their local CSU campus. This commitment is historic.”

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District forced to borrow $5 million to make its payroll during state budget crisis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release)–The continued lack of a state budget has hit home in the East County as the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District runs short of revenues to make payroll.  The September payment owed by the state is one of the largest of the year and its delay has forced the district to borrow $5 million from restricted funds. 

The District complied with state law by passing a 2010-2011 budget on Sept. 14 that is already $15 million short of meeting district needs. To deal with the shortfall in the $202 million budget, the district cut back course offerings, reduced the number of part-time workers, and left 148 – almost 16 percent – of district jobs unfilled.

“This budget represents far more than state compliance and spread sheets,” Chancellor Cindy L. Miles said. “It reflects our values and our commitments. The failure to sufficiently accommodate student needs is heartbreaking, even as those who do manage to get classes are receiving an excellent education.”

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