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52 scholarship recipients named

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release) – Fifty-two students have been awarded scholarship this semester, with some winning more than one based on merit. As listed by Grossmont’s Financial Aid Office and the Foundation for Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges, the recipients are:

Allen, Keiara —$1,000, Grossmont College Osher Initiative for California Community College Students

Bailey, Brittany — $500, Jerry Lester Scholarship in Theatre Arts

Barrett, Debra —$1,000, Grossmont College Osher Initiative for California Community College Students; $250, Fleet Reserve Auxiliary Scholarship

Belysheva, Yulia — $500, Barnes and Noble Textbook Award

Benter, Marisol–$1,000, Grossmont College Osher Initiative for California Community College Students

Bilal, Alina — $1,000, Grossmont College Osher Initiative for California Community College Students; $300, Lee Roper Memorial Scholarship

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Commentary: Taking another look at Sodexo


Smiling Sodexo employees hold up comment cards available at the registers (Photo:Russ Lindquist)

By Russell Lindquist

 GROSSMONT COLLEGE— For those students who abhor Sodexo, the solution could be simple: get your daily allotment of exercise.  Within 15 minutes walking (30-minute round-trip), we students have a lot of food options available to us.

Carl’s Jr., McDonalds, Taco Bell, Jack-in-the-box, Papa John’s and Wendy’s are all within a 15-minute walk from Grossmont.  You do not want ‘fast food’?  Vons, Albertsons and Rite Aid also are within 15 minutes of campus. “Parking woes” should deter no one from alternatives to Sodexo.  Walk is good for you. 

Fitness professionals agree, virtually unanimously, that all people – students included – should get a minimum 30 minutes of exercise per day. Also agreed is that walking is among the best exercises for overall health.

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ASGC responds to student complaints about campus food

ASGC VP Edwin Cruz examines letters about Sodexo's service

By William Dudley

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — When Grossmont students get hungry, can they find adequate food choices and service on campus? Not according to some students, including board members of the Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC).
The ASGC has been receiving complaints about campus food and Sodexo, the French multinational corporation that is contracted by the college district to operate most eateries at both the Grossmont and Cuyamacca campuses. In response, the student association has set up information booths to educate students and solicit input on their food experiences with Sodexo. ASGC plans to make student concerns heard at the next meeting of the Food Advisory Committee, scheduled for October 21 at 3 p.m. at the College Conference Center.
ASGC Board member Sikarra Devers has collected and read some student complaints and has noticed several themes. One is that students are dissatisfied with the food choices available, especially the absence of fresh and healthy food (an issue covered by the Summit here). Students taking evening classes have complained that there are even fewer choices available to them because of Sodexo’s limited hours of operation.   
Students have also complained about the lack of value for money. ASGC Vice President Edwin Cruz estimates that while five dollars can buy enough food to feed two or three students at a place like Fresh ‘N Easy, it can barely buy enough to feed one person from Sodexo facilities. But many students, according to Devers, say that going off campus to eat is not an option because of class schedules and parking hassles.
Another complaint has been how students are treated by Sodexo employees, with some students saying customer service has been poor and even rude, and that employees who did provide good service have been let go.
Roger Stillman, who arrived a few weeks ago as the interim  general manager for Sodexo operations at Grossmont, stated that Sodexo “is aware there have been concerns raised,” saying further that “we are working the best we can with what we have.”

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52 Grossmont students receive scholarships at campus breakfast

By Russell Lindquist

Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, September 11 –Fifty-two students were awardees at the Fall 2010 Scholarship Awards Breakfast on Saturday, Sept. 11, an annual event presented by the Grossmont College Foundation (GCF) and the Grossmont College Scholarship Department.

In addition to scholarship recipients and their families, many Grossmont faculty and staff attended, including President, Sunita Cooke; and Michael Copenhaver, Director of Financial Aid.

Ernest Ewin, Grossmont alumnus, class of ’69 and GCF executive director started off the event, speaking of California’s budget-woes in order to explain that philanthropic scholarship awards are more important now than perhaps ever before.

Ewin’s comments were seconded by Copenhaver, who went on to say that the scholarship-awards being presented were in no way charity, but rather that each award is a testament to its recipient’s academic perseverance (and, in many cases, community involvement).

Rick Griffin, from Grossmont’s Office of College and Community Relations, said that the scholarships awarded to the 52 students totaled to $37,400, which included 18 grants of $1,000 apiece from the Bernard Osher Foundation of San Francisco, to help defray the cost of textbooks, equipment, lab fees and other items beyond registration fees.

Griffin added that the  GCF is participating in a fund-raising challenge for Osher scholarships. For every $1 donated until June 30, the Osher Foundation will provide 50 cents to be held in the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment.  He added that 100 percent of every dollar donated will go directly to funding the $1,000 student scholarships every year, in perpetuity.

A gift of $13,334, matched by $6,667 from the Osher Foundation, results in a total gift of $20,000 held in the Endowment to fund, at 5 percent annual interest: one $1,000 scholarship every year, forever. Continue reading