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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ toys showcased by Grossmont mother of the designer

'Pirates' toys designed by Adam Ostegard

By Sharyce Bailey

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – Staff member Karen Ostegard  of the student assessment department has reason for being “darn proud” about her son, Adam.  He  is the designer of toys and action figures for the second and third sequels of  the Disney movie,  Pirates of the Caribbean.

When Adam was in 5th grade a teacher inspired him to pursue something that could show his already amazing talent of drawing. In 1995, when Adam was 21, he attended Cuyamaca College and later moved to Burbank to fulfill his dream of working for Disney.  The studio, having seen his work, invited him to become involved with Disney product lines.

Ostegard’s office on the second floor of Grossmont’s Tech Mall is filled with her son’s handiwork.  On the tops of two sets of shelves are many different action figures and plush toys – all designed by Adam.  Additionally, she has adorned her office with a full-sized Jack Sparrow cutout and numerous picture from the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 set.

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