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‘Door Stop On A Stick’ helps the wheelchair-bound


Mike Hanna displays his Door Stop On A Stick (Photo: Robert Sanchez)

Story and photos by Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The Occupational Therapy Association (OTA) held its annual assistive technology show on Tuesday night, Nov. 16, in the health science complex.

Darlene Cook (Photo: Robert Sanchez)

Instructor Darlene Cook assigned students to find clients with disabilities or a hardships, then interview them to learn what some of the main problems were in their lives and how these problems obstructed their abilities to do day-to-day activities. Next they were to invent devices to help clients with those activities, while keeping the cost of the device under $20. Its components should be made of common materials.

Student Mike Hanna encountered a client with a form of cerebral palsy, who had difficulties in his wheelchair going in and out of doors. All too often, the doors would slam on him before he could navigate his chair all the way through the doorway.

In response, Hanna invented the “Door Stop on a Stick.” A device made of  a standard door stop, two foot long wood dowel, rope, glue, and Velcro. It was designed to be jammed into the doorway by the client then withdrawn by a rope after the wheelchair passed through..

The invention cost Hanna $11.25 in materials.  Hanna’s “Door Stop On A Stick” was just one of many inventions that were there at the OTA Annual Assistive Technology show.


Sanchez is a student in Media Comm 132