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District plans forum Sept. 22 on master plan

CUYAMACA COLLEGE (Press Release) –The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District is in the midst of a yearlong effort to craft its educational master plan and wants to hear from the public it serves.

A community forum is set for7:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 22, in room I-207 of the Cuyamaca College Student Center to provide the public an opportunity to contribute to the long-range blueprint for the future of Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges, which together
serve almost 30,000 students each year. The topics and ideas that crop up during the discussion will help shape the future of higher education in the East County in the next 15 to 20 years.

“The educational master plan will help set priorities and will guide decisions about growth, development and the allocation of resources,” said Cindy L. Miles, district chancellor. “We are especially eager to hear from the business community — learning what jobs and skills employers anticipate needing is critical to our meeting community needs. What are the workforce needs and emerging occupations that we should be training people for?”

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GC women’s teams defend their top spots

Story by William Dudley; Video by Taylor Harris

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—The women’s tennis and softball teams both scored lopsided wins at home Thursday, March 3,   leaving the teams on the top of the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference standings.

Coach Megan Haber (tennis) and Rick Trestrail (softball) offered similar assessments of their teams: Fun, hard-working, but too soon in the season to tell how good they really are.

Rooted on by a loud cheering section (the Grossmont men’s tennis team had no scheduled match that day), the women’s tennis team swept Cuyamaca College, conceding a measly nine games out of 114 played. Sharon Reibstein, Jazmin Ortiz, Alexis Ronney, Taryn Andrews, Margaux Lawton, and Jami Thomas all won their singles matches in straight sets, with Ortiz and Thomas scoring 6-0 6-0 wins. The doubles teams of Reibstein/Ortiz, Ronney/Lawton, and Andrews/Thomas prevailed over their opponents in single pro sets 8-0, 8-2, and 8-1 respectively.

The match left Grossmont with a 6-0 record. Haber, a member of Grossmont’s 1988 state championship squad, expressed excitement about her team’s prospects, but noted that in the world of community college tennis, “you don’t know what other teams have” until you play them.

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Dutch, GCCCD educators confer on educational technology

CUYAMACA COLLEGE – A group of 36 educators from the Netherlands who traveled 5,600 miles to Cuyamaca College this week to hear about innovations in education agreed that technology is changing the way people around the world are being taught.

“The future school will be a partly virtual school, open 24/7 year round, and accessible from all over the world,” Dutch educator Rein Rijlsma said after hearing presentations that ranged from e-learning techniques to electronic data systems that track students’ performance from kindergarten through college.

The group from an education consortium in the Netherlands, which is attending a conference in Anaheim, wanted to visit the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District because of the innovative programs offered there. In particular, the educators wanted to hear about CalPASS, a statewide program based at the East County college district that uses education data  to improve teaching practices and increase student success.

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Julianna Barnes named as vp-student services at Cuyamaca

CUYAMACA COLLEGE (Press Release)–Julianna M. Barnes, Ph.D, has been been appointed vice president for student services at Cuymaca College and will begin her assignment Nov. 1.  She previously had served as dean of student development and matriculation at San Diego City College.

“Julianna brings over two decades of educational experience working with diverse populations in higher education, implementing successful program review and student learning processes, and aligning strategic plans with institutional goals and priorities,” commented Chancellor Cindy Miles of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.


Preceding based on material provided by the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

Museum offers day-long workshop Sept. 25 on reading heiroglyphs

CUYAMACA COLLEGE, Sept. 10 (Press Release) –The Heritage of the Americas Museum, located on the campus of Cuyamaca College in Rancho San Diego, offers a special program including both a hieroglyphs workshop and an extended tour of Egypt where students will practice their new skills, reading the ancient writing they find on museum artifacts, or in temples and tombs.  Participants may attend the workshop, the tour, or both.

The one-day workshop, September 25th, 2010, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., will teach participants to read the cartouche names of the pharaohs, their queens, their nobles and their gods. There are magical formulas and curses that few can read or understand.  Now you can – while others only stand in awe and wonder what those little pictures mean.  Although the study of the ancient language is the work of a lifetime, you will learn enough here to quickly translate many sign groups directly into English. You will recognize sacred inscriptions on artifacts and in tombs and temple walls. Yes, you will write your name in hieroglyphs and read the names of others in the group.   The workshop cost is only a $20 donation to the Museum. The workbook, Hieroglyphs for Travelers, is provided free. 

The program is directed by Ron Fellows, CM, Associate Director Emeritus of the Museum and a member of the International Association of Egyptologists.  Fellows teaches Egyptology programs in the US and in Egypt and frequently leads tours in Egypt that are, in the words of one participant, “the stuff of dreams.” Continue reading

Bob Garber named interim Cuyamaca College president

RANCHO SAN DIEGO, August 30 (Press Release)–Bob Garber, a former president of Pierce College in Los Angeles, has been named interim president of Cuyamaca College,  Chancellor Cindy L. Miles of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District announced Monday.

In an announcement to faculty and staff at both Cuyamaca College and Grossmont College, Miles wrote:

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of Robert “Bob” Garber as the interim Cuyamaca College president.  Bob, currently serving as the interim vice president student services for Cuyamaca College, will assume the interim presidency September 1st, bringing administrative stability to the college.  I am delighted that after experiencing Cuyamaca for just a few months, he was willing to leave retirement behind to lead Cuyamaca College for a year.

“Garber retired in 2009 from the presidency of Los Angeles Pierce College, a role he served in for 3 years. His 33-year career in California community colleges has included positions as instructor, counselor, chair, director, dean, vice president, and president. His 24 years in community college administrative positions ranged from outreach and student services to the presidency of Pierce College, including 10 years as vice president for student services at San Diego Miramar College prior to returning to Pierce as president. 

“Already charmed by the spirit that is Cuyamaca, and expressing appreciation for the reality of the ‘Cuyamaca Way,’ Garber says he applied for the presidency as an opportunity to lead Cuyamaca as an advocate and partner, one who is meaningfully involved with campus colleagues and the collective work that helps the college prosper.

“Because he comes from experience in two multi-college districts, Bob knows the importance of both college and Districtwide teamwork. He has a commitment to the community college mission and our focus on student success; a track record of moving programs and colleges forward; and a history of building leadership teams and working with faculty, staff, and community partnerships. 

“He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UC Berkeley and is a community college graduate (West Los Angeles College).

“Bob was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, moving to California as a teenager.  He served in the U.S. Air Force from 1966 to 1970.  Bob and his wife of 33 years, Rebecca, have two sons.  One is in medical school and the other has just started a master’s degree in Sociology.

“We extend heartfelt gratitude to Vice President Arleen Satele, who served as Administrator in Charge over the summer, and the entire Cuyamaca College team for their leadership. 

“Please join me in a Districtwide warm welcome to Bob Garber, interim president, Cuyamaca College.”

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