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Paramedics respond to student’s possible stroke

Campus police, nurses and paramedics surround the unnamed student (Photo: Russ Lindquist)

By Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–An unnamed student of Grossmont’s ESL program suffered a possible stroke on Monday, in the tech-mall. At approximately 4pm, the 35-year-old female sought help from Crisa Montes de Oca, a tech mall tutor, saying, according to Montes de Oca, that she “felt very bad.” (The conversation was in Spanish but later explained, in English, by Montes de Oca.)

Of the unnamed student, Montes de Oca said, “After I talked to her some, she had wanted to leave; but I would not let her–she was having trouble pronouncing words, and said that she could not feel her mouth, her arm, or one side of her body, so I kept trying to keep her [at the tech mall]. I asked her about her family, about her classes–anything keep her here.”

Montes de Oca said, in total, she spoke with the woman for about 20 minutes and that the campus nurse, upon arrival, had called 9-11, that subsequently paramedics arrived, and that she (Montes de Oca) had served as an interpreter for theĀ  student until Campus Policeman Hector Schlemmer took over translation duties for the paramedics and the student.

The student was taken by ambulance to a hospital. There was no immediate report on her condition.


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