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Hurdling Obstacles: the theme of Grossmont’s 2011 graduation ceremonies

Grossmont College commencement, Spring 2011 (Rick Deharo, Grossmont College Photo Major)

Story and Following Photos by Russ Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Thousands cheered as newly graduated Grossmont Griffins received long-awaited acknowledgement of their achievements.  An estimated 1,500 students received degrees, certificates or in some cases both, at a ceremony June 1 in the Main Quad.

Student speaker Timothy Snowball shared his turbulent educational journey, with a crowd estimated at 4,000–a journey that now brings him to having been graduated from Grossmont with honors, with Associate’s Degrees in Political Science and University Studies.  Snowball indeed had a chance in hell, having weathered Depression and Anxiety Disorder and having dropped out of high school; thereafter, whenever he spoke to friends and co-workers about returning to school, they scoffed at him.

Undeterred, he spent three years at Grossmont, along the way having joined Phi Theta Kappa, an international academic honors society.  He said that his eventual aim is a degree in Law.  Between then and now, he said that he plans to gain a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  For this leg of his life’s race, Snowball has won acceptance to UCSD, UCLA and UC Berkeley.  Now, he can take his pick.

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Phillips elected as ASGC president

By William Dudley

Cheryl Ann Phillips, ASGC president-elect (Photo: Russ Lindquist)

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Cheryl-Anne Phillips and Christopher Enders headed a group of 15 Grossmont students who were elected to governing positions with the Associated Students of Grossmont College.

Phillips, currently ASGC comptroller, was elected president, while Enders,  this year’s  student president, retained his other current position as student trustee on the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Board of Governors.

Voter turnout in the online elections was low, with 221 students participating out of 18,797 registered students eligible to vote.
Phillips received 184 votes for president, while Enders got 189 votes for student trustree.  That was 1.18 percent of the potential electorate.

Both Phillips and Enders ran unopposed. Other people elected with no opposition included Dylan Keeling (vice president), Arianna Nevins (comptroller), Samantha Elliott (executive secretary of student legislation), and Ivan Gutierrez (director of campus activities). In the only  contest, Emma Carrillo was elected director of publicity, eking out a win over Sicarra Devers with 102 votes (52% of the vote).

On the same ballot, Devers was successful in her quest to become a member of the ASGC Board of Directors, joining the elected students mentioned above. In addition, the Board of Directors will include Molly Ayala, Wayne Anthony Butler, Christopher Foskett, Kevin Garcia, James Mauschbaugh, and Perla Perez. To join the board, these students had to file their candidacy and receive at least one student vote.

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A chat with ASGC President Christopher Enders

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – The ongoing budget difficulties facing California colleges can only result in three kinds of outcomes for students: bad,  terrible, and devastating, according to Christopher Enders, the president of Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC).  “Right now we can handle bad, we’re preparing for terrible, but we don’t know what we’re going to do for devastating.” 

Thus, in addition to representing students to Grossmont leaders and the district board, Enders sees a large part of his job now as being an advocate for students in today’s tough budgetary climate.   To this end he will be traveling  to Washington DC and to Sacramento, California, to meet with politicians whose decisions could have major impact on students.

Enders made these and other comments in an interview with GCSummit contributor Ilia Evans and videographer and MCOM 132 student Earnest Carter.

Trustees Alexander and Weeks receive fond farewell

Group photo. Moving right from kneeling student trustee Christopher Enders are Joan Alexander, Rick Alexander, Deanna Weeks, and Dr. John Weeks.

By William Dudley

CUYAMACA COLLEGE– It was “the end of an era” according to Dr. Cindy L. Miles, chancellor of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.

November 16 marked the final day of a combined 26 years of service for two Board trustees of the GCCCD: Rick Alexander, trustee since 1990, and Deanna Weeks, trustee since 2004. Both chose not to stand for office in the recent election.

Their contributions were celebrated at a special reception prior to the regularly-scheduled board meeting on November 16. Both events were held at the Cuyamaca College Student Center, a building that did not exist when Alexander and Weeks first joined the board.

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District forced to borrow $5 million to make its payroll during state budget crisis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release)–The continued lack of a state budget has hit home in the East County as the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District runs short of revenues to make payroll.  The September payment owed by the state is one of the largest of the year and its delay has forced the district to borrow $5 million from restricted funds. 

The District complied with state law by passing a 2010-2011 budget on Sept. 14 that is already $15 million short of meeting district needs. To deal with the shortfall in the $202 million budget, the district cut back course offerings, reduced the number of part-time workers, and left 148 – almost 16 percent – of district jobs unfilled.

“This budget represents far more than state compliance and spread sheets,” Chancellor Cindy L. Miles said. “It reflects our values and our commitments. The failure to sufficiently accommodate student needs is heartbreaking, even as those who do manage to get classes are receiving an excellent education.”

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The kind of cuts we like on campus!



GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release) — Deanna Weeks, vice chairman of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Cuyamaca Community College District, cut the ribbon Friday, Sept. 17 at the new health sciences complex on the Grossmont campus.

The ribbon cutting lineup, from left included:  Cuyamaca College Student Trustee Charles Taylor;  Governing Board Trustee Greg Barr; Chancellor Cindy L. Miles;  Ron Asbury (in dark eye-glasses) who is serving as chair of the Prop. “R” Citizens Bond Oversight Committee; Vice Chairman Weeks;  Grossmont College President Dr. Sunny Cooke, Governing Board Trustee Rick Alexander; Grossmont College Student Trustee Christopher Enders (wearing hat); Governing Board Trustee Mary Kay Rosinski;  Dale Switzer, District Senior Director of Facilities Planning, Development and Maintenance; and Sue Rearic, Vice Chancellor, Business Services.

Preceding provided by Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.  Photo by Stephen Harvey.

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District adopts $201.97 million annual budget

By William Dudley

William Dudley

CUYAMACA COLLEGE — A divided governing board of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District approved this fiscal year’s budget  of $201.97 million at its Sept. 14 meeting held at the Cuyamaca College Student Center.

Board member Rick Alexander voted against the budget recommended by Chancellor Cindy L. Miles. Approving the budget were Board President Bill Garrett and members Greg Barr, Deanna Weeks,  and Mary Kay Rosinski.

The unrestricted general fund accounts for $108.24 million, or 54% of the total district budget. Grossmont College will receive $62 million of those unrestricted funds. Special funds designated for specific purposes account for $21.6 million (9.35%), while capital outlay funds (for new buildings and campus improvements) account for $60.6 million (33.3%). The remaining 5% is dedicated to health insurance, the bookstore, child development centers, student center funds, and other supplemental purposes.

The budget process has been complicated by the state legislature’s continuing failure to adopt its own budget by California’s self-imposed July 1 deadline; the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District gets 94% of its general  funding from Sacramento.

The budget also reflects a $15 billion “structural deficit,” according to Chancellor Miles. “What this means is that our anticipated revenue is $15 million less than what we need for our operations,” Miles explained in a memorandum to district employees and stakeholders.  Continue reading

Somo elected new ASGC Director of Campus Activities

By William Dudley

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Sept 14 — Sandy Somo was elected  today by the board of the Associated Students of Grossmont College as Director of Campus Activities.

As the student director, Somo will be responsible for devising, implementing, and coordinating all campus-wide events, such as Constitution Week now in progress. The executive job involves working with students, clubs, Grossmont administration, and outside businesses.

In addition to Somo, four other student board members had been nominated for the position: Sicarra Devers, Damien Smith, Molly Ayala, and Danielle Ramirez. All nominees were given a group “job interview” in which they answered questions from the board and touted their ideas for campus events and why they should be selected.

Voting was then done by show of hands. The first round of voting eliminated Smith, Ayala, and Ramirez. Somo then outpolled Devers with a clear majority of eleven votes in the second round (with two abstentions).

Somo, a second-year English/Sociology student from West Hills High School (Santee), called herself a “consensus type person” who would actively seek help from ASGC board members and other students in both soliciting ideas and managing events. Continue reading