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Constitution Week enlivens campus

Sons of the American Revolution, dressed in uniforms of the Continental Army, staff booth next to free speech wall on which students are encouraged to post their thoughts about the Constitution (Photo: Philip Tipple)

By David Hurst

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—Barbecue, free pocket Constitutions, and a chance to meet and pose for photos with Sons of the American Revolution are some of the highlights of the ongoing campus Constitution Week.

In addition, a Constitution ‘Wall’ was constructed Monday and already is attracing written comments, thoughts, questions and artwork from students on the Constitution and the American system of government.  Some of the comments exemplify the concept of “freedom of speech.”

On Thursday,  Sept. 15, Griffin Radio will feature patriotic music courtesy of the Grosssmont College Future Broadcaster’s Association. Also, there will be a lecture on Civil Liberties in the 21st Century given by Dr. Joseph J. Braunwarth, Professor of Political Science, from 9:30-11:00.

Cheryl -Anne Phillips, president of the ASGC,  commented that Constitution Week “makes people aware of the constitution and how laws are made.”

Thursday also features Phillip Henshaw and Stan Delong representing the San Diego Chapter of the SAR. Descendants of early U.S. settlers, they are easily recognized on campus wearing 18th century American military uniforms in honor of George Washington.  The gentlemen say they have participated in Grossmont College’s Constitution Week for the last several years in honor of the patriots who founded the American system of government.


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ASGC board seeks new members

Chris Foskett at work in ASGC office (Photo: Kellen Brauer)

By Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- The Associated Students of Grossmont College, which coordinates many events on campus, is chaired by ASGC President Cheryl-Anne Phillips and is run by a board of directors who want more colleagues.

“We want all of the students to know that we are here for them,” said ASGC board member Tina Howell. “If there is any suggestion that any student has, we want to know about it. It’s very important to us that we represent our students.”

“We have over 20,000 students, and at the moment we only have 13 board members,” Howell continued. “We would love to have a board member for every 1,000 students.”

ASGC meetings are open to all students and applications for board membership are available in both the Student Affairs office and the ASGC office.

“If you have above a 2.4 GPA, time available between 8 a.m to 9::30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, four hours available to give to office hours, six credit hours and your student benefit card, then you can apply to be on the board,” said Howell.

“We also want to promote our student benefit card,” said Howell. “We’re working really hard to get different benefits within the community and not just at Grossmont and Cuyamaca.”

Items obtainable with the student benefit card include unlimited popcorn, a prize drawing ticket, and savings at Ross Books and the Grossmont Bookstore, according to Howell.

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‘World’ Languages Department makes debut

By David Hurst

Professor Yolanda Guerrero says among the last steps of the World Languages department's transition is to change its signs and stationary

Professor Yolanda Guerrero, chairperson of Grossmont's World Languages department, says that among the last steps of the World Languages department's transition is to change its signs and stationary. (Photo: Russ Lindquist)

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – What’s in a word? In academia, one word may make a world of difference. For example, what once was known as the Foreign Languages Department now is called the World Languages Department.

Yolanda Guerrero, the head of the newly named World Language Department led the proposal for the change. She said that, “The word ‘foreign’ itself has a negative connotation of not belonging.” Making the name change started with a vote among professors from all eight of the language subjects in the World Language department at Grossmont, followed by approval from Dean Steve  Baker, other administrators, and the District Board.

The process began during the Spring Semester of 2011, “The name change is officially in place this semester,” says Guerrero, although changes have yet to made to such things as the stationary, cards, and signs.

Guerrero said that the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages is attempting to make the name change at many other colleges and Universities and noted that Cuyamaca College, Southwestern College, and Mesa College has also made the switch.

Baker, dean of the arts, humanities, languages and communications, said the name change reflects a wish to “avoid stigma and create inclusiveness” for people who speak languages other than English , a decade after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He explained that the word “foreigners” frequently has been used in a derogatory way since those attacks.

Cheryl-anne Phillips, president of the Associated Students of Grossmont College, declared the move to be “political correctness – it’s political correctness.” On the other hand, Tina Howell, president of Phi Theta Kappa, said “I think it’s good. We are all here on campus and all languages of the world are being spoken right here at Grossmont.”

Henceforth, if you study a non-English language at Grossmont, it will be under the auspices of the World Language Department. If you call the department by any other name, that might be considered foreign.


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Campus display begins Sept. 11 commemoration

Student passerby photographs campus 9-11 memorial (Photo: Kellen Brauer)

By Kellen Brauer

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- A remembrance for the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center, went on display on campus Thursday, Sept. 8

The display was set up by the Associated Students of Grossmont College and featured two tall black boxes with American flag colored banners that listed the names of all the victims. The display also had an olive tree. Students were encouraged to write a memorial note on a card and hang it on the tree.

“Most people know the olive tree to be a symbol of peace,” said ASGC President Cheryl-Anne Phillips. “We wanted to set up this display as a healing process for the campus.”

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Hurdling Obstacles: the theme of Grossmont’s 2011 graduation ceremonies

Grossmont College commencement, Spring 2011 (Rick Deharo, Grossmont College Photo Major)

Story and Following Photos by Russ Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Thousands cheered as newly graduated Grossmont Griffins received long-awaited acknowledgement of their achievements.  An estimated 1,500 students received degrees, certificates or in some cases both, at a ceremony June 1 in the Main Quad.

Student speaker Timothy Snowball shared his turbulent educational journey, with a crowd estimated at 4,000–a journey that now brings him to having been graduated from Grossmont with honors, with Associate’s Degrees in Political Science and University Studies.  Snowball indeed had a chance in hell, having weathered Depression and Anxiety Disorder and having dropped out of high school; thereafter, whenever he spoke to friends and co-workers about returning to school, they scoffed at him.

Undeterred, he spent three years at Grossmont, along the way having joined Phi Theta Kappa, an international academic honors society.  He said that his eventual aim is a degree in Law.  Between then and now, he said that he plans to gain a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.  For this leg of his life’s race, Snowball has won acceptance to UCSD, UCLA and UC Berkeley.  Now, he can take his pick.

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Phillips elected as ASGC president

By William Dudley

Cheryl Ann Phillips, ASGC president-elect (Photo: Russ Lindquist)

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Cheryl-Anne Phillips and Christopher Enders headed a group of 15 Grossmont students who were elected to governing positions with the Associated Students of Grossmont College.

Phillips, currently ASGC comptroller, was elected president, while Enders,  this year’s  student president, retained his other current position as student trustee on the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Board of Governors.

Voter turnout in the online elections was low, with 221 students participating out of 18,797 registered students eligible to vote.
Phillips received 184 votes for president, while Enders got 189 votes for student trustree.  That was 1.18 percent of the potential electorate.

Both Phillips and Enders ran unopposed. Other people elected with no opposition included Dylan Keeling (vice president), Arianna Nevins (comptroller), Samantha Elliott (executive secretary of student legislation), and Ivan Gutierrez (director of campus activities). In the only  contest, Emma Carrillo was elected director of publicity, eking out a win over Sicarra Devers with 102 votes (52% of the vote).

On the same ballot, Devers was successful in her quest to become a member of the ASGC Board of Directors, joining the elected students mentioned above. In addition, the Board of Directors will include Molly Ayala, Wayne Anthony Butler, Christopher Foskett, Kevin Garcia, James Mauschbaugh, and Perla Perez. To join the board, these students had to file their candidacy and receive at least one student vote.

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