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District forced to borrow $5 million to make its payroll during state budget crisis

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release)–The continued lack of a state budget has hit home in the East County as the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District runs short of revenues to make payroll.  The September payment owed by the state is one of the largest of the year and its delay has forced the district to borrow $5 million from restricted funds. 

The District complied with state law by passing a 2010-2011 budget on Sept. 14 that is already $15 million short of meeting district needs. To deal with the shortfall in the $202 million budget, the district cut back course offerings, reduced the number of part-time workers, and left 148 – almost 16 percent – of district jobs unfilled.

“This budget represents far more than state compliance and spread sheets,” Chancellor Cindy L. Miles said. “It reflects our values and our commitments. The failure to sufficiently accommodate student needs is heartbreaking, even as those who do manage to get classes are receiving an excellent education.”

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The kind of cuts we like on campus!



GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release) — Deanna Weeks, vice chairman of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Cuyamaca Community College District, cut the ribbon Friday, Sept. 17 at the new health sciences complex on the Grossmont campus.

The ribbon cutting lineup, from left included:  Cuyamaca College Student Trustee Charles Taylor;  Governing Board Trustee Greg Barr; Chancellor Cindy L. Miles;  Ron Asbury (in dark eye-glasses) who is serving as chair of the Prop. “R” Citizens Bond Oversight Committee; Vice Chairman Weeks;  Grossmont College President Dr. Sunny Cooke, Governing Board Trustee Rick Alexander; Grossmont College Student Trustee Christopher Enders (wearing hat); Governing Board Trustee Mary Kay Rosinski;  Dale Switzer, District Senior Director of Facilities Planning, Development and Maintenance; and Sue Rearic, Vice Chancellor, Business Services.

Preceding provided by Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.  Photo by Stephen Harvey.