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A chat with ASGC President Christopher Enders

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – The ongoing budget difficulties facing California colleges can only result in three kinds of outcomes for students: bad,  terrible, and devastating, according to Christopher Enders, the president of Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC).  “Right now we can handle bad, we’re preparing for terrible, but we don’t know what we’re going to do for devastating.” 

Thus, in addition to representing students to Grossmont leaders and the district board, Enders sees a large part of his job now as being an advocate for students in today’s tough budgetary climate.   To this end he will be traveling  to Washington DC and to Sacramento, California, to meet with politicians whose decisions could have major impact on students.

Enders made these and other comments in an interview with GCSummit contributor Ilia Evans and videographer and MCOM 132 student Earnest Carter.

Somo elected new ASGC Director of Campus Activities

By William Dudley

William Dudley

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Sept 14 — Sandy Somo was elected  today by the board of the Associated Students of Grossmont College as Director of Campus Activities.

As the student director, Somo will be responsible for devising, implementing, and coordinating all campus-wide events, such as Constitution Week now in progress. The executive job involves working with students, clubs, Grossmont administration, and outside businesses.

In addition to Somo, four other student board members had been nominated for the position: Sicarra Devers, Damien Smith, Molly Ayala, and Danielle Ramirez. All nominees were given a group “job interview” in which they answered questions from the board and touted their ideas for campus events and why they should be selected.

Voting was then done by show of hands. The first round of voting eliminated Smith, Ayala, and Ramirez. Somo then outpolled Devers with a clear majority of eleven votes in the second round (with two abstentions).

Somo, a second-year English/Sociology student from West Hills High School (Santee), called herself a “consensus type person” who would actively seek help from ASGC board members and other students in both soliciting ideas and managing events. Continue reading