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The making of a music video

By Alexis Jacquett

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — This video is an assignment for the class known as “Media Communications—Basic Professional Editing Principles.”

The assignment was to use video assets such as personal video footage, still photos, and music, and create and edit a music video. The video had to run the standard time of most music which is about 3-3.5 minutes. The editing system that the Grossmont Labs are equipped with is Adobe Premiere Pro. This video took about 3 weeks class time and outside time as well.

The assignment was graded on length, organization of digital files, naming of digital files, organization of the bin, video following the beat, and the proper export of file. First I had to pick the music I wanted to use for the video. I used a slower song in order to leave images on the screen longer. I wanted my video to have more meaning rather than just following the beat. There were some places that the animals/models’ movement went with the beat.

At first, I had a hard time making the decision on where I wanted to cut the footage, because editing is a decision. And for me making decisions is hard because I am very particular. When using footage that is borrowed from a website usually the footage isn’t exactly what you want, so you have to play with what you want and trash what you don’t. Once I figured out the clear direction of what I wanted for the video, putting the footage together was easy.

With all footage you trim off the fat, or the parts you don’t want, and then place it in the timeline and drop each section side by side without any space in between each clip. The bin is a folder where you keep your assets. Also you have to rename the footage/digital files so you can easily grab what you need for the finished product. This assignment for me was very educational.  It was  exciting to learn how to edit a video.  Video-editing is  a tool and skill that can be used in many areas of life.

Jacquett is also a student in Media Comm 132–Campus Newspaper Production, for which this article was written.

Some shopping tips for Grossmont students

SAN DIEGO — In a tough economy, there are some shopping tips that fellow Grossmont students ought to keep in mind as they search for the perfect gift for their families and friends. Lan Nguyen reports:

Outreach to the homeless: a way to give back to our community

SAN DIEGO–Feeling jolly and merry and that everything is all right with the world? Take a tour around the outskirts of downtown San Diego and you’ll realize that there are many homeless people who don’t feel the same. In the videol below, Lan Nguyen invites Grossmont students during this holiday season to give back to their community.

Campus parking woes: some game the system

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — A daily parking permit for the campus costs $2, whereas a semester-long permit is $40. Clearly the permit saves you money, right? On the other hand some students prefer to take their chances, parking in places they hope campus police won’t ticket them. Lan Nguyen reports.

Nguyen is a student in Media Comm 132

Sports wrapup: Grossmont boasted some winning teams


GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Sports fans here had much to cheer about including championship women’s volleyball and water polo teams, and a football team that made it to a community college bowl game.   Lan Nguyen, utilizing photos from the collection of Grossmont’s official photographer Stephen Harvey, provided the following summary:

Nguyen is a student in Media Comm 132

Grossmont students enjoy the Gaslamp nightlife

SAN DIEGO — The Gaslamp Quarter attracts a lot of Grossmont College students in the evenings.   They come here to blow off some steam and to keep up with the latest music and entertainment fads.

Lan Nguyen took his video camera to the nightclubs, to check out the action.   He interviewed former Grossmont student Anthony Howard, who is known today as “DJ Ant Farm,” about visiting artists in San Diego and  how word spreads about the very hottest events.

His story is below:

Inside the Campus Veterans Center

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The new Veterans Resource Center on campus is intended to create a “positive environment” for veterans and dependents, according to John Weber, the president of the Student Veterans Organization.

The center provides computers, academic counselors, a quiet study area and a positive environment, Weber recently told Alexis Jacquett in the following  on-camera report for the GC Summit filmed by Xavier Green.

Green and Jacquett are students in Media Comm 132