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Inside the Campus Veterans Center

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The new Veterans Resource Center on campus is intended to create a “positive environment” for veterans and dependents, according to John Weber, the president of the Student Veterans Organization.

The center provides computers, academic counselors, a quiet study area and a positive environment, Weber recently told Alexis Jacquett in the following  on-camera report for the GC Summit filmed by Xavier Green.

Green and Jacquett are students in Media Comm 132

Grossmont football awards presented


Story by William Dudley; Video by Xavier Green

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Twelve Grossmont football players have been honored with a total of 20 awards at the team’s annual awards banquet, held November 18 at Marina Village in Mission Bay.
The awardees included seven Griffins who made the All-Conference team for the Southern Conference of the National Division of the Southern California Football Association. Linebacker Pat Kelly, who led the conference in tackles, was the sole Griffin to make first team All-Conference. The award places him on the nomination list for all-state honors.

Making the second team were quarterback Ryan Woods, running back Darrin Alex, wide receiver Alex McLeland, offensive tackle Deryck Beveridge, linebacker Kevin Woods and defensive lineman Shane Pennix.

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115 images in Fridenmaker show little pieces of photographer’s soul

Video by Xavier Green

A show featuring 13 students of Charles Fridenmaker

Story and photos by Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — From student and faculty exhibits to those of invited artists, the Hyde Art Gallery has had some amazing shows over the years.

Alfred Pagano

But for many people who attended Tuesday night’s opening of “Still Photographers,” this exhibit packed an extra emotional wallop.  The exhibiton was a reunion for the last photography class of 1972 that the late Chuck Fridenmaker had taught right before his sudden death at the age of 31.

Surveying 115 works in the gallery, one of Fridenmaker’s former students, Alfred Pagano, said there is a piece of Chuck Fridenmaker in every one ofthe images.  Fridenmaker had a strong influence on each of the 13 photographers featured in this show, including Grossmont College’s photo lab technician Susan Richardson.   She said that one of the most important things that Fridenmaker had taught this group was that photographers need “to see the whole thing.”

Walking around the gallery and hearing gea stries about Fridenmaker and the class’s experiences, it really opened my eyes as a photographer.  I had the chance to talk to some of the artists on exhibit, who are still working in photography, and received some great advice.

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‘Breaking Boundaries’ dance performances continue through Nov. 7

By Xavier Green

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Thursday November 4, 2010 was the sold-out opening of Breaking Boundaries by Grossmont College Dance Students.

This production was student run with choreography done by students with the help of faculty. This is a great show that showcases art of the students. There are twelve different mind-blowing acts and each dance piece is unique and tasteful. Many different dance genres are represented.

The show runs until Sunday November 7th.

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Review: Hyde Art Gallery showcases the faculty’s amazing art works

Xavier Green

Editor’s Note–The faculty art exhibit continues through Oct. 28 at the Hyde Art Gallery on the Grossmont College campus. Media Comm 132 student Xavier Green has made certain, however, that it will last longer than that for anyone who watches YouTube videos. He focused on the works of two artists he particularly admired: “The Rain Series,” a group of enhanced digital images by Bill Mosley and “Pointer on Table,” a large ceramic by Jeff Irwin. Here is his video report:

Video by Xavier Green

Just who is Dr. Sunita V. Cooke?

By Xavier Green

Xavier Green

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– She was born in Lucknow, India, and her family moved to the United States when she was five years old. At that time, the Indian government had a policy that allowed people leaving the country to take only $8 per person. So her family of five landed in New York City with $40 to their name.

Verghese family members came with one suitcase each and over the years due to the opportunity afforded to them, all three children in the family were able to fully participate in education and become productive, American citizens. truly living the American dream!

Grossmont's Sunny Cooke

In recalling her life story, Dr. Sunita Cooke, president of Grossmont College, continued:

“My formative years were spent in rural Pennsylvania. I spent 7th through 12th grades in a community that had not been exposed to those from other countries or backgrounds. Growing up in that environment helped me appreciate the ‘aloneness’ that exists when you feel like you are ‘different’ or don’t belong. That drove me to excel in school and in other ways to overcome that feeling of being an outsider. It was a great motivator.”

As a result of that exposure, Dr. Cooke said she developed a greater appreciation and understanding of diversity, different perspectives and backgrounds.
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