Grossmont book celebrates 50 years

By Christina Torres 

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Back in 1961, Grossmont College was brand new.  This year, 2011, our college celebrates its 50th year!  Administrators released a book, Grossmont College: Celebrating 50 Years, chronicling the past 50 years at Grossmont College.  Coordinating the process was Rick Griffin, Grossmont’s director of College and Community Relations.

The book is chronological, starting with September 11, 1961, when Grossmont first opened with a student enrollment of 1,538.  In 1966, while campaigning to become California’s governor, Ronald Reagan, visited the campus — 14 years before he was elected president of the United States.

In 1970, the college’s enrollment had risen to 8,100, and, because of the higher enrollment, administrators considered opening a second campus, which became Cuyamaca College.

In 1980, capacity for the school was set at 18,000, while classes cost $5 each.  Apple Computers were introduced to the school in 1984, and Grossmont had it own Co-generation power-plant, using clean-burning natural gas that used waste-heat for the swimming pool and showers.

In 1990, the campus stadium was opened, named after former-coach Jack Mashin.   By 1991, Grossmont had won 25 state-championships in 7 sports, over half of which were in Cross Country running.  In July of 1996, student artists installed the clouds on top of the water-tower that can still be seen today.  Grossmont’s first web-page also came in 1995. 

In 2001, Grossmont Middle-High school was opened, which allows 11th and 12th grade high school students to get college credit for their study.  By approving PropR in 2002, voters authorized a lot of the construction that we see finishing up today.

The book  recounting these and other events is on sale at the campus bookstore for a price of 19.61, a special price to commemorate the year that the school started.


Torres is a MediaComm132; contact her at

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