Americans Elect circulates petitions on same-sex marriage

Jacobi Malone sits at petition booth for same sex marriage.

Jacobi Malone sits at petition booth for same sex marriage. (Photo: Phil Tipple)

By Philip Tipple

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– Jacobi Malone, a petition circulator who says he is representing the budding internet political party, Americans Elect, has  frequented Grossmont to circulate petitions on a variety of issues including those he describes as advocating cheaper auto insurance, saving the city worker pensions, fair redistricting and supporting same-sex marriage.

Malone said similar petitions will be circulated next week.   He asserted that Americans Elect is trying to “give the power directly to the people.”

Malone says that not only is Americans Elect attempting to save people money on their auto insurance but it is also trying to forestall pension cuts for the city worker. The petition concerning same-sex marriage is an attempt to determine the community consensus on this controversial topic, Malone said.

Americans Elect has been quietly winning places on 2012 presidential ballots in states across America by persuading voters that by taking advantage of the process of direct petitioning they should have as much say as to who should be nominated for President as do the two major political parties.

Tipple is a student in MediaComm132; contact him at

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  1. Posted by Angela on September 15, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    It’s important that people take the time to read the wording on those petitions before signing. Many signature gatherers will lie to get you to sign as some of the petitions are fetching $7 per signature. The one about city workers’ pensions will actually take away pensions from all new hires, including fire fighters.Ooo


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