Two Grossmont freshmen strum and drum in heavy metal group Killing the Messenger

Kris Armbruster

Story and photo by Dylan Burke

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – Two freshmen are members of the heavy metal band Killing the Messenger and will be performing at the Epicentre in the Mira Mesa area at 7:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 23.

Kris Armbruster is the lead guitarist, while Willie Malpica is the drummer. Others in the group are Ahren Leepier-Gray and Paul Barkley.

Armbruster studies Audio Engineering and says he is “pumped up” by his favorite rock band, Avenged Sevenfold. Members of that band helped Armbruster learn how to play the guitar.

Malpica says he wants to study Computer Technology. He credits his parents for his inspiration to do well in life; he further explained people who are negative or who doubt him motivate him to do the unexpected.

Malpica was the member in the group who came up with the name Killing the Messenger. One day while he was watching the movie “300” he got the idea from the scene of when the messenger was kicked into the hole.

There is an opening available in the band for another guitarist to replace Brad Cotton, who is leaving for personal reasons, Armbruster said.

People can buy tickets from Armbruster via for $8 or at the door for $10.

Burke is a student in Media Comm 132; he may be reached at

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