Parking shortages stress faculty, students, staff

Two drivers seeking parking spaces nearly converge (Photo: Philip Tipple)

By Philip Tipple

GROSSMONT COLLEGE—Available parking spaces on campus have been scarce during the first two weeks of the semester, causing many students to complain that by the time they found a parking space they were late for class.

Kellen Brauer, one such student, said during the first week. “It took me 45 minutes to find a spot.”

Tim Flood, Grossmont’s Vice President of Administrative Services, acknowledged that there are more students with cars than spots for them to park.   He and other seasoned members of the Grossmont College faculty and staff  reeled off a few suggestions  for students to consider.

1.  To avoid being late to class, try to get to the campus earlier  to search for a parking spot.
2.  Check out the soccer field located on the northwest corner of campus, which the administration has made available for temporary parking during the first three weeks of class.
3.  Check out the bus schedules to and from Grossmont College.
4.  Discuss with other students the possibility of arranging carpools.
5.  Consider alternative forms of transportation to school, in particular bicycling.
6.  Park blocks from the campus and get some good excercise walking.


Tipple is a student in MediaComm 132; contact him at

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