Tie-Dyed faculty and staff convocation celebrates Grossmont’s 50th anniversary

Balloons signalling Grossmont College's 50th anniversary displayed near gymn on Monday, August 15

A photo essay by Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Last year it was unusual slippers, this year it was tie-dyed clothing, as faculty and staff came together for fun and learning in the week prior to classes.   Their convocation featured a motivational speaker and a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Grossmont College’s founding.

The morning scene in front of the gymnasium, where refreshments preceded the formal proceedings, seemed a flashback to the 1960s, with tie-dyed outfits recalling the era of hippies, flower children and peace signs.

Faculty and staff in 60's dress

Among those “in the groove” were Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Chancellor Cindy L. Miles and Grossmont College President Sunita V. Cooke, while Interim Dean Sheridan DeWolf handed out flowers, further helping to re-create the spirit of the 60’s.

Chancellor Cindy L. Miles renders a double peace salute

Dr. Sunita V. Cooke, ready for a groovy day

Sheridan DeWolf re-creates the flower child look of her youth

By the time everyone took their seats in the gymanasium for the formal speeches, it was clear that Kurt Brauer, interim grounds and maintenance supervisor, had the most outrageous of all tie-dyed outfits — and this was later acknowledged with a prize given him during the convocation

Kurt Brauer

Among highlights of the convocation were the introduction of eight former faculty members who had been on Grossmont College’s original faculty of 1961; reports by Chancellor Miles and President Cooke;  stretching exercises to relieve any stiffness from sitting on bleacher seats; and the announcement that Janice Johnson had been selected as distinguished faculty of the year.

Eight original Grossmont College faculty members, from right, Ray Resler, Tom Hepp, Cornelius “Van” VanderPoll, Larry Coons, Don Anderson, Trudy (Hill) Bratten, Millie McAuley, and Bob Holden

Faculty and staff listen to convocation speeches

Stretching exercises during convocation

Janice Johnson at Fall 2011 convocation

Motivational speaker Vicki Halsey

The convocation concluded with a 90-minute presentation by author Vicki Halsey, an associate of motivational speaker Ken Blanchard, on ways that faculty members could better engage their students and get them interested in the subject matter.  One tip: those who teach learn best, meaning that students who are placed in a position to instruct others in the information will better assimilate it themselves.

Following the convocation, faculty and staff discussed the ideas of the convocation, and renewed acquaintances, at a barbecue luncheon.

Sanchez is photo editor of the GC Summit

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