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ESL student: life is limiting for Iraqi women

By Rita Marzeena         

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– Each community has customs and traditions. the customs and traditions of Iraq are derived from the Islamic religion. Everyone has to follow these traditions. If someone doesn’t follow them, it means that he/she doesn’t respect the older people who have followed these traditions for a long time.  Some people like these traditions that old-fashioned people follow, but some people do not. I like  the marriage traditions, but dislike the tradition that  women cannot work in some jobs, and cannot drive cars as men do.

Marriage in Iraq is often arranged. When a man sees a woman that he finds beautiful and attractive, he tells his mother about her. His mother will do research about the girl’s family to see if she is suitable and if she would be a good wife for her son. If his mother agrees, she will be the one who goes to the girl’s home and ask her parents for their daughter’s hand for her son. Then the girl’s family will do research about the man and his family. When both families agree, they all come together to meet.

The bride and groom spend some alone time together to get to know each other. If they like each other; the two families will celebrate with other relatives and friends by going to the court and signing their marriage certificate, and then in the church for Christian people and at the bride’s home with a man called “Mason” for Muslim people. I like all of these customs. What I don’t like about our marriage traditions is when the girl has cousins, she is sometimes required to marry them even if she doesn’t like them.

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Community College representatives support Brown’s tax extension

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release) – Community college leaders in San Diego and Imperial counties called for support of Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised budget unveiled this week, saying that tax extensions proposed by Brown are needed to avoid what one administrator called an “educational Armageddon.”

Administrators with the six community college districts and  students who spoke at the news conference at Grossmont College urged legislators and California voters to support funding for the system that educates about 300,000 students each year.

Constance M. Carroll, chancellor of the San Diego Community College District, said state funding to the districts has been cut by $73 million in the past two years, resulting in the elimination of 3,300 courses and turning away tens of thousands of students who haven’t been able to get the classes they need.

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Lindquist appointed editor-in-chief of the Summit

-Staff Report-

William Dudley

Russell Lindquist

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–Russell Lindquist, currently managing editor of the GC Summit, has been named editor-in-chief for the summer and Fall 2011 semester, it was announced by Instructor Donald H. Harrison.

During the current semester, Lindquist was part of the campus newspaper’s leadership team that had been assembled under the editorship of William Dudley, who holds a bachelor’s degree and had worked as a textbook editor before coming to Grossmont to brush up on journalistic skills.  “Lindquist has shown himself to be an excellent reporter, who can spot and develop news and feature stories as they are happening,” Harrison said. “He has a way of getting right to the heart of a story–a skill that he will be able to pass to other students in his new role.”

Additionally, said Harrison, Lindquist has demonstrated a skill in copy editing, and in newspaper and web layout.”

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UF okays students appearing on ‘Jersey Shore’

GAINESVILLE, Florida (USANN4)–The University of Florida won’t be punishing students for participating in the filming of Jersey Shore.   TMZ reported earlier that the school sent an e-mail to students enrolled in its study abroad program in Italy.   The e-mail stated, quote, “any student who does agree to participate in the filming of the show, or who signs a waiver or legal agreement” with MTV would be dismissed from the program.

The school has since reversed its position.   A university spokeswoman acknowledged a school official sent the original e-mail to students.   However, she said students can be involved in outside activities as long as they meet the academic and living requirements of the study abroad program.

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