Instructor weighs formation of Jewish Student Union

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (Press Release) – Is there sufficient student interest to warrant forming a Jewish Student Union on this campus?

Media Communications 132 Instructor Donald H. Harrison, whose faculty responsibilities include overseeing the production of the GC Summit, wants to assess that question prior to next semester when the club would start up. 

Harrison requests any student interested in participating in on-campus Jewish cultural activities, beginning next Fall, to please contact him at 

Besides teaching here, Harrison serves as editor and publisher of the online publication, San Diego Jewish World ( ) and has extensive contacts within the local Jewish community.  He also is the author of the biography, Louis
Rose: San Diego’s First Jewish Settler and Entrepreneur.

“I’d envision the club sponsoring a variety of on-campus cultural activities to help de-mystify Jewish people to other segments of the
campus population,” Harrison said.  “Perhaps if other religious and ethnic student clubs are interested, we also could engage in dialogue to explore our common interests.”

He said there is a Jewish concept called “tikkun olam,” which literally means “repair of the world.”  The belief is that we all have the
responsibility to help make the world a better place not only for ourselves, but for our neighbors.  “Perhaps,” said Harrison, “members of
the Jewish Student Union would decide to participate in tikkun olam projects.”

Preceding was provided by Donald H. Harrison

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