Speech and debate demonstration dazzles

By Taylor Harris

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The speech and debate team at Grossmont Community College had a war–a war of words with ideas and theories. Two opposing teams, along with numerous speakers, held debates and gave speeches  on campus Thursday night, May 12,  and captivated their audience.

The speech and debate team is part of the Intercollegiate Forensics Class in the Communications Department at Grossmont College. Classes such as Oral Interpretation, Argumentation and Public Speaking are offered to students who specialize in Platform Speaking, Oral Interpretation, Limited Preparation, and Parliamentary Debate.

Parliamentary debate,  a poetry interpretation, a drama and two oral interpretations were included in Thursday evening’s proceedings, preceded by an Introduction to Forensics in  “readers theatre” style.

Prof.  Roxanne Tuscany directed the debate between the “government,” whose speakers were Gabriela Johnson and Ali Majed Aldhalmi and the “opposition,” whose speakers were Diana Trinidad and Jonathan Parker. The two teams argued whether education was a privilege, as asserted by the government, or a right, as contended  by the opposition.

It was up to the audience to choose who won. The audience decided it was a tie.  Tuscany said that the teams therefore would have to debate the debate internally.

Drama along with oral and poetic interpretations were shared directly after the debate by Grossmont students Dirk Stenger, Madeleine Caffarel, and Ali Majed Aldhalimi and Grossmont alumni Joe Fejeran. These demonstrations were engaging, energetic and moving as their varied topics dwelt on love, music, rights and more. Tuscany wrapped up the night by conferring  departmental awards.

Overall it was quite an entertaining night. If you have a sharp tongue or quick wit joining the speech and debate team may just be for you. No experience required.

Harris is a student in Media Comm 132.  She may be contacted at taylorh@gcsummit.com

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