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Faculty members honor achievers, recall departed colleagues

By Xavier Green

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – At an end-of-the-year awards ceremony, Grossmont’s faculty looked forward to improved facilities, back on departed colleagues, and to the present educational budget crisis.

The Twelfth Annual Recognition Awards Ceremony on Thursday, May 12, began with President Dr. Sunita Cooke anticipating  the opening of administrative and student facilities at the main entrance to campus, and with a moment of silence in memory of such late faculty members as Janice Gervais and Diane Mayne-Stafford.

Chancellor Dr. Cindy L. Miles of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District paid tribute to faculty members, saying that despite budget cuts, faculty members devoted themselves to helping students “get to their goals in life and make a difference in the world.”   The awards ceremony, she added, was to recognize “the outstanding things you do for students and for Grossmont College.”

Her comments were echoed by Bill Garrett, president of the GCCCD governing board.

Thereupon, Dr. Sue Gonda, president of the Academic Senate, called out the names of faculty members from every department.  In a quick-paced ceremony, she presented them with their awards, and they walked outside to have their photos taken.

From this student’s perspective, it seemed to be a great ceremony for the faculty and they really enjoyed themselves.

Green is a student in Media Comm 132.  He may be contacted at

Speech and debate demonstration dazzles

By Taylor Harris

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The speech and debate team at Grossmont Community College had a war–a war of words with ideas and theories. Two opposing teams, along with numerous speakers, held debates and gave speeches  on campus Thursday night, May 12,  and captivated their audience.

The speech and debate team is part of the Intercollegiate Forensics Class in the Communications Department at Grossmont College. Classes such as Oral Interpretation, Argumentation and Public Speaking are offered to students who specialize in Platform Speaking, Oral Interpretation, Limited Preparation, and Parliamentary Debate.

Parliamentary debate,  a poetry interpretation, a drama and two oral interpretations were included in Thursday evening’s proceedings, preceded by an Introduction to Forensics in  “readers theatre” style.

Prof.  Roxanne Tuscany directed the debate between the “government,” whose speakers were Gabriela Johnson and Ali Majed Aldhalmi and the “opposition,” whose speakers were Diana Trinidad and Jonathan Parker. The two teams argued whether education was a privilege, as asserted by the government, or a right, as contended  by the opposition.

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Henry Jordan’s spirited farewell to Grossmont

By Corey Streeper

Corey Streeper

GROSSMONT COLLEGE- The end is near, the end of the semester that is. With finals looming over and a lot of students trying to decide what they will do when it is all over the campus is in a frenzy of indecision. One thing is for sure though: this is the last chance in the spring semester to catch a Grossmont Theatre Arts performance.

Not only is Blithe Spirit the final show for the semester, but It is also Professor Henry Jordan’s farewell play with Grossmont College. He has decided to retire after 22 years on our campus and over 44 plays directed.

Jordan lets the curtain fall laughing with this Noel Coward play. Written in 1941 to lighten the mood during World War II it is considered an improbable farce. This play may be the perfect distraction from the stress of cramming for finals.

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