Movie review: ‘Water for Elephants’

Leon Goodrum

Leon Goodrum

By Leon Goodrum

LA MESA – Water for Elephants stars big screen heartthrob Robert Patterson, along with everyone’s favorite blonde Reese Witherspoon. The film, based on the Sara Gruen novel by the same name, follows the forbidden romance  between Marlena Rosenbluth (Reese Witherspoon) and Jacob Jankowski (Robert Patterson).

Jankowski is a college student in his early twenty’s whose world is shattered when his parents die in a violent car accident.  He then discovers that his father, a local vet, has been treating animals for free as well as accumulating large debt to pay for the schooling of his son, the protagonist.  These events force Jankowski to leave Cornell University – just short of graduation – to find his own way.

He then joins “The Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth” where he meets the beautiful and forbidden Marlena Rosenbluth, and the two embark on a dangerous love-affair.

The film was an okay-watch, probably best-suited for couples and those of you who like tear-jerkers; personally I found the film’s progression and conclusion to be unoriginal (it was like Titanic in some ways).

Though Witherspoon and Patterson acted well, the attempt to portray an epic love story seemed forced.

The film is quite lengthy so grab your popcorn and snacks, fellas; and ladies, bring your tissues.


Goodrum is a student in Media Comm 132; email him at

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  1. Posted by Tim Watkins on May 5, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Love his reviews.


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