Sunday, April 17: Rally for community colleges

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The following notice  was received from John Colson, vice president of student services:

“Please Save the Date—April 17, 2011 for Hands Across California.  This  is a large scale event bringing individuals in support of access to college together in support of community colleges and our students. Organizers hope to support a continuous “human line” of individuals holding hands in support of our students and the 112 community colleges in California. You can review the web site that describes the route, purpose, and opportunities for financial support below.

 Students, faculty, and staff of Grossmont College who are interested in supporting this event through participation should arrive at City College San Diego on the Quad–which is next to the college entrance from Park Boulevard–at 1:00 PM on Sunday, April 17. We are coordinating with Marilyn Harvey at City College and her phone number is 619-388-3951. Parking will be located off of 16st street.

San Diego City College will have a band on campus and food vendors will be available.

If you have any questions about the event or want to learn more about the cause please contact me at

Preceding provided by John Colson, Grossmont College vice president for student services


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