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GC Culinary Arts offers 5-course fine-dining

Diners enjoy a 5-course meal served by students of the GC Culinary program

Story and photos by Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — The Fine Dining Class of The Culinary Arts department offers a 5-Course Dinner on the patio area outside  of 58G, in parking Lot 5, Thursdays from 5:30-6:30PM, on the following days: April 7, 14, 28; May 5.  The cost is $20.00 per person.  For more information or to reserve tickets, interested parties can contact Maryam Rastvan at telephone (619) 644-7550 or email her at [Editor’s update: All dinners for this semester are sold out. You may ask Ms. Rastvan to be put on an email distribution list for announcements regarding dinners for next semester.]

Inside the Kitchen

James Foran and Jessica Church pause from prep-work for a quick picture

Liz Ortega bringing out a serving of hot soup

James Arens surveys the diners


Sanchez is Photo Editor of the GC Summit; email him at

Photo vet sheds light on shedding light

Tim Meyer speaks about portrait lighting


Robert Sanchez

Story and pictures by Robert Sanchez

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – The Photography department hosted Tim Meyer, throughout the last week of March.  Meyer, a professional photographer and professor at Brooks Institute, gave seminars on portrait lighting.

Covering an array of material – from light modifiers to lighting ratios, to just knowing your photo history and how it is relevant today – and speaking to an array of photographers – from complete beginners to those with years of experience –Meyer’s seminar certainly enlightened us all.

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Malcolm X biographer Manning Marable dies

NEW YORK (USANN4) — A funeral service is set for April 12th in New York City for noted black scholar Manning Marable.   The 60-year-old passed away on Friday, just days before the publishing of his long-awaited biography of Malcolm X.   Marable was a professor of public affairs, political science, history and African-American studies at Columbia University.

He had spent more than a decade writing the book on Malcolm X.   It is scheduled to be published today.   Marable is survived by his wife, who teaches anthropology at the City University of New York, and three children.

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