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Cantata recalls Triangle Shirtwaist tragedy

Story by Alexis Jacquett; Video by Xavier Green

SAN DIEGO —  San Diego State  University  hosted a powerful commemoration concert on March 23 to remember 146 women who lost their lives in the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factorey Fire in New York City. Dr. Sue Gonda, the creator of the U.S. Women’s History courses at Grossmont College, gave a heartfelt introduction to this cantata, providing background on this time period and the hardships faced by  immigrants in America.

Gonda provided a sense of connection to these women who earned their living sewing clothes in a factory on the eighth, ninth and tenth floors where exit doors had been locked, preventing the women from saving themselves.

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UCLA will create center for laboratory safety

LOS ANGELES (USANN4) — UCLA announces plans to open a Center for Laboratory Safety.   The move comes after a fatal fire in the school’s organic-chemistry lab in 2008.   A staff researcher died of severe burns after she was splashed with a volatile chemical compound that ignited.

UCLA says the first-of-its-kind lab-safety center will receive $400,000 in initial campus support.   However, the university adds it will eventually be supported entirely by external grants.

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