Water-thon raises funds for African wells

By Earnest Carter and Taylor Harris

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Bright and early Saturday morning Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated San Diego Alumni Chapter (DSTSISDAC) and the Umoja organization from Grossmont College held a water-thon to raise money for building water wells in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It was the chapter’s second annual water-thon, and they chose Grossmont to assist them in their fundraising. Umoja—meaning unity in Swahili—is a group here on campus that promotes student success, especially for African-Americans; however, the club welcomes all.

Men, women, and children circled around the track with their buckets of water, demonstrating the journey that women and children of Africa make daily to access clean water – a journey that is approximately 3.5 miles each way. DSTSISDAC had already raised $3400 and were hoping to reach the necessary $5000 mark to build a single well.

Rachel Thomas, the program planning and development coach said, “We chose Drop in a Bucket because [while] we going to build a water well, they are also going to teach the people in the villages how to maintain, thereby hopefully creating jobs as well.”

Children also were helping with the cause. When 10-year-old Breanna was asked why she was out walking the track carrying buckets full of water she answered, “We are out here because we are trying to help people in Africa have water.”

One of her friends, 10-year-old Reggie, said that he felt blessed to have running water in America because much of the water obtained in Africa is dirty, and when he walks for Drop in a Bucket it helps bring better water to Africa.

The purpose of the water-thon is to promote awareness of the plight in Africa as well as to raise money. Both objectives were achieved Saturday morning.


Harris and Carter are students in MCOMM 132; email them respectively at taylorh@gcsummit.com and earnestc@gcsummit.com

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