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Action Clubs raises funds for scholarship goal

By Russell Lindquist

From left - Charles Simpson, president; Pam Camp, Staff Advisor; member Seena Haeri; Ed Schumacher, Staff Advisor; Ricky German, VP; Jennifer "Fyre" Zeigglar; Steffie Esparza (Photo: Russ Lindquist)

GROSSMONT COLLEGE–The Action Club had a bake-sale on Monday, Feb 28.  The club aims to effect an “ongoing scholarship probably for part-time students,” said president Charles Simpson who believes that there are too few scholarships for part-time students.   The proposed scholarship is still unrealized but the Action Club hopes to afford it as soon as possible.

“The scholarship will probably start as only once-a-year,” said Simpson, “but, when the club can afford it, we would like to do it twice a year” – in both the Fall and Spring.

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Gospel choir performs for Black History Month

By Earnest Carter and Alexis Tittle 

GROSSMONT COLLEGE – When the Gospel Choir and Master Chorale performed last month, it was not simply a matter of entertainment.  According to Director Ken Anderson, Gospel is part and parcel of Black History, which was celebrated on campus throughout February. Anderson said Negro spirituals sung by slaves were the basis for Gospel music.

The songs praised God, and some were “code names,” in which biblical figures stood for various abolitionists, including Harriet Tubman who established the Underground Railroad, Anderson said.  “The River Jordan,” in this context, referred to the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, north of which lay freedom.

“When they sang about going to heaven or the Promised Land, [these were] code names for freedom,” Anderson added. “In these songs, they told each other ‘this is when and where and how we are going to get away.’ Continue reading

Grossmont students reflect on Black History

GROSSMONT COLLEGE– Black History Month was observed on campus during the month of February with a variety of demonstrations, lectures and events.  Videographer Xavier Green and reporter Corey Streeper  surveyed students on campus about why Black History was important to them.   With photos of important moments in Black History captured from Google Images, the video below was the result:

Sex demonstration following class sparks controversy at Northwestern University

CHICAGO (USANN4)–A human sexuality course at one university is drawing some controversy.   The Chicago Tribune reports that some Northwestern University students observed a demonstration of a naked woman performing a sexual act with a male partner.   It was performed in front of about 100 students in psychology professor John Michael Bailey’s human sexuality class.

The demonstration occurred after class, and attendance was optional.   Northwestern police are responsible for determining whether the demonstration violated any local ordinances.   A university spokesman said no one has filed a complaint with the police department.

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