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Evolution has happened in the restaurant industry

 By Kamri Jackson  

A vegan's treat (Photo: Andre Power)

SAN DIEGO — Adjacent to Balboa Park, at 5th (at Quince) in Downtown San Diego you will find a fast-food restaurant that is breaking into the new-age of fast food. Evolution, is a 100% vegan fast food restaurant that serves a variety of vegan burgers, pizza, shakes, organic juices and vegan treats.

I’ve heard whispers among fellow students in comparative politics class. Passing chit-chatters at the local farmers market in Hillcrest– but never had I actually tried one of Evolution’s burgers or their famous chili-cheese fries. During a recent visit to Evolution with a friend of mine, however, I was able to find out first hand, what the fuss was all about!

I was very pleased by the overall friendly customer service. From the advice given when attempting to choose a vegan burger, from the friendly sever, to the singing cook in the back–and the rich smell or sweet potato French fries that filled the air. The overall ambiance and energy of the place is light years ahead of the average fast food chain.

I finally decided to try their Raw Burger, which is essentially a patty made of dehydrated nuts, seeds, tomato, and hummus “cheese” all nestled inside two lovely beds of cabbage. We also ordered the “Chick’n sand” burger, which is a mock chicken patty, served with avocado, lettuce, and tomato. In addition, we ordered a side of sweet potato fries and a vegan shortbread cookie. The overall experience was satisfying. The burgers were great, and it felt even greater to know that we have an accessible 100% vegan fast food restaurant that is up for the challenge of eradicating the way we see our food an environment. According to Evolution, all ingredients are chosen at their freshest, and organic when available.

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Some shopping tips for Grossmont students

SAN DIEGO — In a tough economy, there are some shopping tips that fellow Grossmont students ought to keep in mind as they search for the perfect gift for their families and friends. Lan Nguyen reports:

Outreach to the homeless: a way to give back to our community

SAN DIEGO–Feeling jolly and merry and that everything is all right with the world? Take a tour around the outskirts of downtown San Diego and you’ll realize that there are many homeless people who don’t feel the same. In the videol below, Lan Nguyen invites Grossmont students during this holiday season to give back to their community.

Campus parking woes: some game the system

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — A daily parking permit for the campus costs $2, whereas a semester-long permit is $40. Clearly the permit saves you money, right? On the other hand some students prefer to take their chances, parking in places they hope campus police won’t ticket them. Lan Nguyen reports.

Nguyen is a student in Media Comm 132

Sodexo installs two microwaves at Grossmont facility

By Russell Lindquist

New microwaves at Sodexo outlet (Russell Lindquist photo)

GROSSMONT COLLEGE, Dec. 14 – Hooray! Sodexo has brought two new microwaves for its Grossmont College location, and thus made good on a vow to facilitate, anew, the heating of our students’ various food-stuffs.

Previously, Sodexo had come under fire from, among others, the Associated Students of Grossmont College (ASGC) for failing to provide the microwaves, which had been a feature of Sodexo service in the old student center.

Life can be a challenge. So it is important to celebrate victories wherever we can reasonably find them. To some, the availability of two new microwaves may not seem like a victory; but to those who know: it is!

Best of all: as you can see by the picture in this article – the microwaves are outdoors, and available to all, regardless of their ‘have-you-bought-anything-from-Sodexo?’ status!

Lindquist is a student in Media Comm 132

Sports wrapup: Grossmont boasted some winning teams


GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Sports fans here had much to cheer about including championship women’s volleyball and water polo teams, and a football team that made it to a community college bowl game.   Lan Nguyen, utilizing photos from the collection of Grossmont’s official photographer Stephen Harvey, provided the following summary:

Nguyen is a student in Media Comm 132

New hip hop mixtape urges converting lemons to lemonade

By Leon Goodrum

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego streetwear store, 5 & A Dime, at 8th and G Streets in downtown San Diego, presents Brother Nature,a hip hop duo that consists of Bam Circa 86′ and Real J.Wallace. Both men are native San Diegans and Grossmont College students. They have come together to share a nostalgic look back at their childhood on the debut release entitled Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Mixtape.

The theme for this free download is making the best out of a bad situation, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The Lemonade Mixtape is the prelude to their up-and-coming LP produced by Rob Viktum called A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which will be released through 5 & A Dime as well. The single for both the mixtape and the album is entitled “Mama’s Lemonade”, which gives you a first glimpse into the minds of Brother Nature. 

Definitely creating a buzz from hip hip sites like, and, the duo has developed a refreshing sound and gives listeners the feeling of the early 90’s hip hop era. You can find and discover and download their music at o

Goodrum is a student in Media Comm 132

Des Moines study indicates a third of students lie on course evaluations

DES MOINES, Iowa (USANN4)– A new study shows that some students lie on course evaluations.   The Des Moines Register reports that around a third of students at two schools admitted that they lied on year-end evaluations.   The survey included students at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the University of Northern Iowa.

Some said they exaggerated in a positive direction.   Others said they tended to bend the truth in a negative way.   The study will be published next year in Marketing Education Review.

Preceding provided by USA News Network 4