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Grossmont football awards presented


Story by William Dudley; Video by Xavier Green

GROSSMONT COLLEGE — Twelve Grossmont football players have been honored with a total of 20 awards at the team’s annual awards banquet, held November 18 at Marina Village in Mission Bay.
The awardees included seven Griffins who made the All-Conference team for the Southern Conference of the National Division of the Southern California Football Association. Linebacker Pat Kelly, who led the conference in tackles, was the sole Griffin to make first team All-Conference. The award places him on the nomination list for all-state honors.

Making the second team were quarterback Ryan Woods, running back Darrin Alex, wide receiver Alex McLeland, offensive tackle Deryck Beveridge, linebacker Kevin Woods and defensive lineman Shane Pennix.

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College football makes comeback in Peach State

MACON, Georgia (USANN4)–After a hiatus of 70 years, football is coming back to the campus of one Georgia university.   Mercer University is reinstating its football program in fall 2013.   The private school plans to compete at the Division One non-scholarship level.

Mercer is one of two Georgia schools where football is making a comeback.   Georgia State University is competing in football for the first time this season.   Kennesaw State University has a goal of fielding a team in 2014.   Last week, students there approved a fee increase to support football.

Preceding provided by USA News Network4